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carmari1973 07-23-2011 10:39 PM

Found some blue Glofish @ Petsmart
Newbie here--
I'd mentioned only seeing the blue Glofish online... well, I don't know if they just got them in stock, or if I just missed it, but my local Petsmart had several. I am planning the aquarium out in my head (and still working on convincing the hubby, but I think I've got him close, hee hee) and this is what I'm thinking so far: 20 gallon, 5 Glofish, 5 guppies, a snail or two. Does that sound like a nice, compatible tank?

ladayen 07-24-2011 01:36 PM

Glofish are danios, which are known fin nippers. I wouldn't suggest putting them with guppies except as a last resort. Some people have done it before and they worked out fine.. others not so much. Also I would recommend getting at least 3 more danios, I've used zebra danios(and the leopord morph variety), pearl danios and currently have "Purple Passion Danios" (I believe these are Danio Rosasus? they are a natural species.) The difference when you have 8+ is huge. They seem so much happier and are far more interesting.

I also have Harlequin rasbora and they are quite fun to watch as well. 8 seems to be the magic number with these guys as well. We had 6 for a while and when we added the last 2 the difference was huge, these guys stay in the middle mostly but will venture occasionally to the surface. It's really neat watching the danios and them interact.

carmari1973 07-24-2011 03:30 PM

Thanks... I sure wouldn't want those beautiful long guppy fins nibbled on.

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