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Guppie luver 07-21-2011 10:38 AM

What is up with my tank?
Hi, this morning when I came downstairs to look at my 100gl. tank the heater wasn't on and the lights were off. The heater is on now and so is one light but the other on the same outlet won't and I think I need a new bulb. The temp was 71*f. I only keep it at about 74*f. and there is alot of alge the back panale is coverd in it. Its green. Will a snail fix the algea? The fish that I have are zebra danios and guppies and glo fish and hope fully soon a new snail.

ladayen 07-21-2011 10:50 AM

Well.. keep in mind algae is a plant. (Most of the time.... one form of it is a bacteria.) To get rid of unwanted species just introduce competition or eliminate the food source.

Add more plants to your tank to eat the nutrients so algae cant get it. You said you came down to find the lights off. Is this different from normal? Do they usually get left on? Excess light is a sure way to get algae and lots of it. Make sure they are off at night.

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