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michelle1990 07-20-2011 01:48 PM

Ropefish/Reedfish -Fighting???
I just introduced a new rope fish (omega) to my rope fish(alpha) that I have had for about 6 months. I introduced omega almost 24 hours ago... Sorry for all of the name - back and forth- below just did not know how else to explain.

They are in a 65 gallon heavily planted tank with plenty of hiding spots and working on adding another one (once I find the right wood..that matches the rest)..

Soo...Omega is trying very hard to be friendly with Alpha, but any time Omega gets anywhere near Alpha, Alpha goes after Omega - Alpha will bite at Omega and chase him away. The first hour I watched them after putting Omega in the tank they did a head to tail thing where the seemed to be biting and pushing at each others tails. But it has just got more aggressive and territorial as the hours have gone on...

I have read about rearranging the tank to deter the territorial behavior but since it is planted and I have not disturbed my root systems for over 6 months I really don't want to go ripping plants up... Hopefully I can find a new piece of (whatever kind of) wood I have to change things up that way.

Just want to get an idea if anyone has had two that did not get along if they worked it out after a few weeks or any comments...

THANKS in advance!


On a side question/note: I have been trying to figure out what kind of wood I have in my tank.. so I can order it online, the fish store I was getting it from went out of business and I never asked what the name of it was.. I believe I remember african root wood or malaysian root wood, but all the pictures I find do not look like it.. It has a reddish color when wet (in tank) and had really no sharp points or corners its is very twisted/gnarly with little nubs almost...

michelle1990 07-21-2011 10:48 PM 2
Day 2 and still no better!?! Anyone have any experience with rope fish not getting along?

From all of the reading I have done they are suppose to be peaceful with their own species... and enjoy the company of others as they are a schooling fish in nature. Which is why I have spent the last 6 months trying to get a buddy for mine...

Alpha was still biting at Omega and starting to notice redness on the skin of Omega... just rearranged Alpha's area in the tank. Hopefully this will put an end to it...

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