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29Kilo29 07-18-2011 06:35 PM

Urgent Help Needed - Fish dying... possibly tuberculosis

A couple days ago I euthanized a Red Wag Platy, because I suspected he has tuberculosis. Here is the info on him -

Today I found a Rasbora and another Red Wag dead. The Red Wag was healthy yesterday, and I was extremely surprised when I found him dead this morning. The Rasbora has his eyes popping out of his head, and had ripped fins. I haven't lost a fish in almost a year, and in the past week 3 have died.

All other fish look healthy, though I am extremely worried a disease is spreading in the tank. If anyone can, please help. If this is fish tuberculosis... am I at risk of getting it?

Tank specs are below.

29Kilo29 07-18-2011 06:39 PM

2 Attachment(s)
1. Size of tank?
30 Gal

2. Water parameters
a. Ammonia? 0
b. Nitrite? 0
c. Nitrate? 15
d. pH, KH and GH? Unknown
e. Test kit? API

3. Temperature?
78 F

4. FW (fresh water) or BW (brackish)?

5. How long the aquarium has been set up?
Just over a year.

6. What fish do you have? How many are in your tank? How big are they? How long have you had them?
14 Fish.
2 Angelfish - 3 inchs
3 Rasboras - Almost an inch each
4 Black Phantom Tetras - Just over an inch each
1 Red Wag Platys - 1 Inch
1 Algae Eater - 2 inches

Dead Fish
2 Red Wags - 1 inch - 6 months
1 Rasbora - 1 inch - 1 year

7. Were the fish placed under quarantine period (minus the first batch from the point wherein the tank is ready to accommodate the inhabitants)?
No (Found dead)

8. a. Any live plants? Fake plants?
b. Sand, gravel, barebottom?
c. Rocks, woods, fancy decors? Any hollow decors?
Fake wood and some hollow decor.

9. a. Filtration?
Top Fin 30

b. Heater?
Something in German - Can't remember at the moment

10. a. Lighting schedule? What lights are used? 12 hours on-12 hours off
b. Any sunlight exposure? How long? Very small, if any.

11. a. Water change schedule? About 20% every week.
b. Volume of water changed? Around 7 Gallons
c. Well water, tap water, RO water? Tap Water
d. Water conditioner used? Stress Coat
e. Frequency of gravel/sand (if any) vacuumed? Vacuumed almost every water change.

12. Foods? Omega One
How often are they fed? Once a Day

13. a. Any abnormal signs/symptoms? Curved Spine, Lying on Ground, Not swimming, Torn Tail Fins, It looks like he has a small white spot right infront of his tail fin, but it is hard to get a good view of him.
b. Appearance of poop? Unknown
c. Appearance of gills? Normal

14. a. Have you treated your fish ahead of diagnosis? No
b. What meds were used?

15. Insert photos of fish in question and full tank shot if necessary.

Photo of first red wag that died:

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