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tomncassie 07-17-2011 09:49 PM

Penguin tetras "Male or Female???"
I have a 100 gallon tank.Five silver dollars about two inches long and groing strong,six lemon tetras,two cory's and one bristlenose.I plan on getting seven or eight penguin tetras and once I saw them they look great.The black stripe that runs from front to back is more vivid in person than the photos Ive seen.Anyway Iwould probaly like to breed them in the future so I was wondering does anyone know how to tell the males and females apart.I bieleve I would need more females than males to start with to breed them.

Byron 07-18-2011 09:36 AM

There are two species often confused, the Penguin Tetra [Thayeria obliqua] and the False Penguin Tetra [Thayeria boehlkei]. Both are in our profiles (click on the shaded names) with photos to differentiate. It is likely the "Penguin T" you see in stores will be the latter species as it is more common.

Males and females show no external differences. Females though are, at least when mature, rounder than males which are by comparison much slimmer. This holds for most tetra. It is usually best to get a group, as many as you can accomodate in the tank. As they mature the differences should become obvious, and after conditioning a "pair" can be moved to a spawning tank. As with most characins, they will readily eat the eggs immediately after spawning, thus a spawning tank is recommended and the pair can be removed after spawning which usually occurs in the very early morning. A thick mat of Java Moss makes an ideal spawning medium.


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