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ladayen 07-17-2011 05:53 PM

Starting over..
OK so we were planning on moving... probably still will in a couple of weeks. Gave away virutally all our fish because it was going to be a rushed move and didn't think we would have time to plan it out. Not going yet after all, so in the meantime we are planning on how to restock our tanks.

We have a 35g tank, 20g tank and 2 10's. Also a 5 gallon with a Betta still in it.

My whole family really liked our African Dwarf frog, and in reading the profile it says they do well in groups of 8 or more. So we were contemplating getting 8-10 of them. My daughter really liked our corys, or "Shark fish" as she called them so we would want some of those(probably 6 in the 35 and 20). My wife likes the harlequin rasbora so we want some of those again.. at least 6 for the school. I was quite fond of my skirt tetras, or Black Widow Tetra as some call them so I would really like to get a school of those back.

The water if we stay is ph 7.8 GH 180 KH 240
If we move... here is a link to the water quality page. Not sure how to read the numbers.

Anyone wanna toss some suggestions as to how to stock our tanks?

Christople 07-18-2011 09:38 AM

that pH and TH are a little high for cories and most tetras

Byron 07-18-2011 09:43 AM

According to those numbers in the link, the water where you may be going is a bit better for soft water fish. Hardness is averaged at 9 dGH and alkalinity (KH) at 6 dKH.

I have moved about 300 fish and three large tanks. It was a lot of work, and you need to basically have everything else connected to the move done so you can deal with the fish on the day of the move.


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