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jennesque 07-16-2011 08:34 PM

Hygrophila pinnatifida?
Does anyone know much about this plant? I've been trying to read up on it online, but I seem to be finding all kinds of answers. I can see that it's a new plant to the hobby apparently. My LFS got some in today and I was trying to do some research before committing to buying it. I'm not sure it'll work in my tank..

But I was just curious if anyone really knew what sort of light it needs, CO2, anything else..?

It looks pretty. I'd love to add the color to my tank. My LFS seems to know a fair amount about their fish, but the people I've talked to don't seem to want to discuss plants with me. I'm not sure if they're annoyed with me stopping in so much, asking simple questions, about advanced things, lol. Or maybe they're just clueless, either way, I like to sort of know what I'm looking at before I walk in there.

Byron 07-17-2011 11:17 AM

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This is indeed an interesting plant from the photos I've seen. According to Robert Paul Hudson, one of the plant authorities, it was introduced by Tropica (the famous Danish nursery) in 2010. Habitat is India. One can generally assume that species in a genus will share similar requirements, though this does not mean identical and there are exceptions, but so far all Hygrophila plants require moderate to high light as they are fast growers, and high nutrients including CO2 are beneficial. And red colouration usually requires higher light. Robert says the red colour of this plant will only be intense with brighter light and possibly CO2, but he also notes this plant is only moderate in growth, so it varies from the norm for this genus in that respect.

I'm attaching a photo from Robert's site.

SinCrisis 07-20-2011 02:35 PM

omg... ive been looking for this plant for a long time, very hard to find. Im jealous...

redchigh 07-22-2011 02:24 PM

Try it. Some Hygrophilas are easy, like Hygro Difformis.

If it grows for you, even if it grows green and loses the red color, you can trade it on the classifieds section.

SinCrisis 07-22-2011 03:53 PM

YES! please sell if it you get it to grow... That plant would look amazing in my puffer tank...

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