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Charm 08-14-2007 01:47 AM

plant suggestions?
im new here and in search of plant suggestions.
i have a 75 gal long tank, with gravel substrate and fluorescent lighting (40w) full-spectrum. The tank has been up about 5 years.

A few months ago my tank was perfect (in my eyes heehee) and to make a long story short,
hubby decides he wants cray fish- i had no idea they would eat my tank bare! so now im left with a big drift wood and a rock.

now that they are gone (i didnt do it i swear!)
im trying to figure out what type of plants i want ..
im sure you know what i mean when i say i have a "vision"
for my tank.

the first thing i want to do is carpet the bottom- is there anything aside from moss type plants that will spread fast in my lighting, and stay
under 5 inches tall?

i would also like to cover the back of the tank with something tall and ribbon like.
and for general plants, i want to ad some color.

anyone have any suggestions ?

thanks for looking
and sorry for babbling :oops:


Lupin 08-14-2007 02:05 AM

Welcome to, Charm.:wave:

May I know what fish you intend to put there? There are fish that tend to eat plants. Tetras, angelfish, discus, rams, apistogrammas and cories will fit nicely in a heavily-planted 75g.:)

Echinodorus tennellus or dwarf sagittaria will make good carpet plants. Some Javan ferns and Javan moss anchored on woods will really look nice. As for the background plants, choose vallisnerias as your options. Some cabombas, cryptocorynes, hygrophilas, ambulias and swords are also great additions.

It's worth your time reading our sticky threads of lighting, fertilizers and everything you need to achieve a well-planted tank.:)

Oh, and do avoid crayfish if you intend to keep plants. They can really arrange everything else. Don't mix fish with crayfish. Either way, they're incompatible.

Lots of luck.:D

Charm 08-14-2007 02:12 AM

thanks for those suggestions- it gives me alot to look up :)

yeah i learned the hard way about those cray fish -uuhgg

right now i have 2 blue gouramis and a few misc' sword tails.
before the crayfish i had the gouramis, mollys,plecos,snails,clams,
nothing fancy lol

i dont plan to add any other fish fight now, but when i do, it will prob be more gouramis

jones57742 08-14-2007 03:37 AM


IMHO you should visit
as a review of the plants exhibited will "give you an idea" of the most common plants and generally the most "easy to grow plants".

Then visit
and last but not least

Please repost with any questions which you may have.


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