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KaylaLovesBBM 07-14-2011 06:23 PM

Is my Balloon Belly molly sick?
He has a really small belly compared to the others, its flat and not even round, hes looking more like a gold fish to me.Hes constantly at the top of the tank, gulping air. I even put a air rock in there! Hes the only male with 2 females. the females, are big and plump, and they have no gravid spot, so they are not pregnant. Please help mee! when i feed them, he just goes into the corner, or just goes up to gulp the air. He will swim after food and will eat a few pecies. but other then that, nothing. He was also breathing heavy, his gills were going fast and wide apart. Every other fish seem fine in there exept him, hes not flashing. I checked for ick. The water is tested fine.I look at him now, and hes just swimming in the same spot, like my guppies were before they died. Please help! thank u!:-(

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