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Discofruit 08-13-2007 12:23 AM

Ew... I hate that I have to post this.
I made a mistake.
Accidents happen I guess.

A few days ago i borrowed the heater out of my freshwater tank to heat salt water for another water change, then rinsed it and put the heater back in my tank. One problem.. I had it going full blast to heat the 20gallon trash bin full of water. When I put it back in my freshwater tank I didn't realize that I had turned it all the way up for the saltwater water change, so I didn't change the setting. I reached in my tank today to scoop a fish... the water was HOT! It was a good 87* F (to it's usual 75*) and rising. I unplugged the heater...took 3 gallons out and replaced it with cold. Turned the light off and took the hood off... so the tempterature has been slowly coasting down to 75* F through the evening. I lost four fish: my female krib, a harlequin rasbora and two neon tetras. The male krib was swimming around frantically tonight trying to find her. Searching through their cave... they were mated. I'm not sure if fish have emotion but I'd say he atleast had an instinct that she was gone.
ANOTHER thing... when I added that cool water I added some de-chlorination drops to it prior to pouring it in. Before I discovered this I had been down at the pool, and hadn't yet showered. I panicked when I got in to my room and saw the dead fish.. so immediately I netted it. This tank is generally VERY healthy and VERY blanaced... so I haven't had a dead fish in nearly 4 months. Not even a tetra. After having my arm in the tank for a good 3 minutes I realized I had just been swimming in a pool that has chlorine. Did I nuke my fish AND bleach the good bacteria? Would the chlorine water drops equalize this?
I feel sooo bad right now.
I'm running extensive tests tomorrow and doing water-changes accordingly... working on it.
I'm just not sure if I messed it up beyond repair?

(for a list of what I have in the tank... )

jsm11482 08-13-2007 01:35 PM

Sorry to hear all of that. Its the simple things we forget that screw everything up! One time I cleaned the filters then forgot to reopen the valves! Oh well. As for the chloring from the pool, I assume you dried off, which should have removed most of it. In my opinion it wouldn't cause an issue. Good luck in getting the rest of the fish back into normal mode.

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