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Hannahjo 07-14-2011 11:21 AM

Establishing the tank pecking order, or something more? *Male-only tank*
I just bought three new fish - all male. One is a red and white Mickey Mouse Platy (Sora), one's a Black Molly (Rorschach), and the third is a Creamscicle Molly (Still unnamed).They are in a ten gallon tank, just the three of them.

Within two hours of being released into the tank, the Creamy began going after Sora, who started racing around the tank like The Flash on drugs. Then Rorschach (who is the biggest fish in the tank) comes out of nowhere and swims straight into the Creamy, sending him into a whipped-puppy sulk.

So now the Creamy sits in the entrance of a hiding spot and waits for Sora to swim by and lunges at him, only to dart back into hiding as soon as Ro' swims over.

Is this just normal tank pecking order, or should I be worried? Because I have a male betta in a quarantine tank who's being treated for slime disease, and I don't want to introduce him into turf wars.

SeaHorse 07-16-2011 09:22 AM

Hi Hannajo. Yes each male is going to have it's own territory and in a 10 gallon there really isn't much room to get away from the other 2 fish. This aggression may not stop untl they have eliminated the opponents! Even Mollies can be aggressive and they are not a "easy' a fish as the LFS makes them out to be. Not thinking that the Betta should be going in there at all. They are aggressve by nature to start with. You need to wait and see what happens between the three current males or remove/return something. JMO
Anyone else have any suggestions?
My Betta has his own 10 gallon to himself... any room for a second tank? Pics in my Aquarium tab.

Hannahjo 07-16-2011 03:02 PM

Well, Baron (my betta) used to be in the 10G tank alone, but his health just kept declining, so I put him in a smaller tank. Since then, his colour has brightened and he's begun eating again.

As for getting another tank... I was barely able to talk my "Landlady" (My Mother, :P) into letting me have the ten gallon. I've noticed that they tend to ignore each other until about 5 minutes before I feed them (which is usually 9:30 am and 7 pm - But I always feed Baron first) at which point Moonie (the creamy, aka Mandarin Moon) goes nuts.

Should I just be random in the feeding times so Moon doesn't know to start the bullying?

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