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jackspratt 07-14-2011 10:10 AM

My 10 Gal planted tank growing FAST
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From June 24th to July 12th, my tank is growing quite nicely!!

eileen 07-14-2011 10:56 AM

I like how you landscaped the tank. What kind of plants did you use? Are they on any special lights or how long do you have the lights on for/ C02? I'm just wondering as all my tanks are low light, no C02 just the 15watt. flourescent lighting the tank came with. What kind of fish are you going to put in that tank. I have endlers and crystral red shrimp, crystal black shrimps in my smaller10 gal. and 6 gal. tank.

jackspratt 07-14-2011 11:14 AM

The entire 35 picture photo album from start to finish is on our FB PAGE
Substrate is ADA Aqasoil
Rocks are actually Petrified wood
Its Dwarf Baby tears in the foreground
Telanthera Rosefolia in the rear along with Ludwigia inclinata 'Green'.
Java Moss tied to driftwood tree.
CO2 is a DIY with 2 litre soda bottle with a basic Yeast and Sugar mixture.
Here is the video I followed for the CO2
Lighting is AquaticLife Dual Lamp T5 HO Freshwater Light Fixture - 2 x 18W - 20 in.
I created a video on youtube showing what I use to diffuse the co2.
About a dozen Ghost and Red Cherry shrimp,
2 Nerite snails for Algae control. They work fantastic!!
6 Harlequin Rasboras
2 Fancy Tail Guppies
Tank is growing fast and inhabitants all doing well.
I also run my own site if anyone is interested.
Aquarium Tankscapers - TANKSCAPER TRIBUNE

JImi 07-19-2011 05:16 AM

I liek this, it looks really nice. I was thinking about getting a nano tank but they are so expensive!

eileen 07-19-2011 10:14 AM

I have one small tank set up 3 gal. on Craigslist right now for $20. Here's the link:
Aquarium 3 gal. Set, heater,underground filter + many extras

I'm not sure how much it will to ship but I could ship it to anyone if interested from this forum. I can find out shipping cost with a zipcode and city. PM me that if anyone is interested.

JImi 07-19-2011 10:19 AM

I would love to buyit buy im from the UK

eileen 07-19-2011 11:58 AM

Making your own Nano tank/ Or QT
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You can make your own easy. It's the extra stuff you have to buy to make it that will add up for your costs. underground filter, heater,air pump, air tubing,gravel overhead desk lamp if you want a light overhead, craft suppies to do lid.The container size of under 2 gal. they do not make heaters for that size if you are making a Eco-system tank then any size container like large pickel jar of 1 gal. is good.

I bought the container at Costco 3 gal. plastic Pretzel container or other large plastic container, I drilled a hole for the air line tubing above on the top. I also cut a notch for the heat cord at the top.
The lid I cut notches out and unsed plastic Kyrlon paint to paint the lid top. safe for kids and pets.
I bought a blk. plastic grid at a craft store and made a lid, I used black tie wraps to attach it to the lid.

The underground filter I bought on-line at
The small heater at Petco
I had a exrta small air pump and had extra vavle check vavles, air line tubing

To keep cost down in making your own you can skip the heater, underground filter and make a Eco-System set up. You can Google how to make a Eco-systerm aquarium.

Use live aquarium plants that filter out ammonia, nitrate,nitrite from the water. Good examples are Hornwort, Wisteria,Egeria densa. Java moss, Guppy grass. you can look online to see what plants work best for a Eco-system tank. Only a few fish like endlers, whitecoulds tetras work well for this type of system as they are cool stream fish and are cheap and sold as feeders at most aquarium stores. I found one aquarium store that sells them foir 10 gor $1. I used whitecloud tetras from there to cycle my 20 gal. tank. I did not lose any whiteclouds in the cycling process. I rehomed all on craigslist. You would need to get a snail for your eco-system tank also. Most snails come in on plants you buy at the aquarium store. Some aquarium stores or a friend may just give you one for free. You will only need one as they reproduce without a males most of the time.

Good starter fish for your eco-sytem tank is:
Try to keep the fish numbers low and not overcrowd.

Endlers- smaller then guppies same care, Try to get all males ( females added will overpopulate your small tank with endless amounts of babies being born each month. (Livebearer fish)

Guppies- Again males only 1,2 at most in a small set up of 1-3 gals.

Dwarf frogs

Dwarf catfish

Ghost shrimps ( cheap sold as fish food)
If you want to try something a little more expensive that is easy Red Cherry Shrimps, or other dwarf shrimp in this family, Crystal Red shrimps will require more water changes and those type like softer water or R/O water mixed awith about 1/4 of tap water that has been treated. The cost of these are high like $5 each. (you must do water changes to keep shrimps as they are sesitive to ammonia spikes)
If you get dwarf shrimps refer to this web-site that I like:

Freshwater Dwarf puffers if the tank set up is 3-5 gal. size ( I would just get one in a tank this size) These are cute but really messy I've heard and like to eat snails so you need snails on hand but they can eat other foods also (Do the research on them first)

White cloud tetras, dwarf harleqen rasboras should be kept in a small school( I picked these as these are hardier then some other type of tetras.


If the tank set up is 2 -3 gal. I would only put up to 3-4 inside depending on what you pick, Whatever you pick do research on them online.

Baby fry til they grow bigger- great for kids to watch grow up. I know lots of people that give them for free ( liverbearer fish) have endlers amounts of babies every month- If you get any livebearer fish stay with males only besides they are nicer and colorful.

NOTE: Do not use Platies, swordtails, mollies,goldfish as these are big waste producers and can really make your small set ups water go bad really fast with poop from my experience. Overstocking anything small in size requires more water changes of 20-25%

Hope this helps anyone thinking of making your own. Maybe you can post a new thread with your pictures of your made or bought nano tanks.It would be intersting how they all came out.

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