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jim21 08-12-2007 11:47 PM

Snails and Sand?

My new 55 gallon is about ready for population, and I'm thinking about bottom cleaners - I've got 4 dwarf crayfish and 3 cherry shrimp in there now, but was thinking about adding a couple of my mystery snails from another tank. Anyone know if they have a problem on/with the sand? I've read the rams horn do OK w/sand but haven't seen much info regarding mystery snails.

Also, if anyone knows of a catfish or bottom feeder that TRUELY eats waste (the stuff the snails/fish/shrimp won't eat or leave behind) I'd love to know about it.


Lupin 08-13-2007 01:07 AM

Jim, I'm wary about your crayfish. These creatures have been known to ambush fish and eat them. Any bottom dwellers and snails won't last long at any rate.

jim21 08-13-2007 09:17 PM

Thanks Lupin!

I had actually never thought about it from that perspective - they are only about an inch long so I always worried that they would be expensive food for a quick fish (and since there used to be 5 I'm pretty sure one got eaten). But now that you mention that I'm going to reconsider their current home. Luckily, I have a couple extra small tanks for just this type of situation! :)

Thanks agian!

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