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bf2king 08-12-2007 01:38 PM

What type are these
I have 2 cichlids, a bala shark, and a common pleco in a 29 gallon. I just got this tank from a friend who has had it for 15 years (not these fish). Lupin Has told me in my previous post (new 29 gallon tank) that they are Lake Mawali. I know that it is probably early for a new thread but i am very impatient (one of my many flaws) and would like to know the exact species.

From what i understand they are both males as lupin told me in the chat area. Thanks for your help.

bf2king 08-12-2007 02:46 PM

could these be them?
If this is him he is at least 8 inches so i am a bit confused but i looked at probably 400 pics and this was the closest i saw. Could be blured

After hours of reaserch but i am still not entirely sure you guys are the experts.

bf2king 08-12-2007 02:48 PM

I dont kno if this will help but here is a pic of his face.

willow 08-12-2007 04:38 PM

the light blue is a labeotropheus fuelleborni
i think,?????
i'm not the best at this as i'm sure another member will tell you.
i'll get my other book.
well i don't think i should carry on,as i think i could be wrong all night. :(
i don't think i'm helping.

bf2king 08-12-2007 04:52 PM

The color patterns dont match also the egg spots (name slips my mind) are white instead of yellow and at full color he is not that bright.

willow 08-12-2007 04:54 PM

how about a zebra then ?

bf2king 08-12-2007 04:55 PM

any thing is help as i am confused. :?

This is getting me made though :evil:

Someone should make a photo index of these majestic creatures on line so dumb peopls like me can find something out.

bf2king 08-12-2007 04:59 PM

I think the little one is a powder blue the big one is the one that is confusing me right now.

willow 08-12-2007 05:00 PM

well with me helping,i'll confuse you :sick:

bf2king 08-12-2007 05:11 PM

well thanks for your input

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