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dorabaker 07-11-2011 09:02 AM

sterba's corys vs. peppered/bronze corys?
i have a 15 gallon planted tank with fine gravel, and current inhabitants are a gourami, 4 cherry barbs and 6 glowlight tetras. it's been established for a year.

I'm planning on getting some corys in the - fairly distant - future. this is still quite a long way off, but I'm thinking about it and trying to figure out what species to get. In my experience, peppered corys are by far the hardiest species (I had a pair that seemed to survive things that killed off every other fish I had at the time...this was back when I didn't know much about fishkeeping lol)

But... I'd really like to try keeping some different species of cory, like Leopard or Sterba's. Sterba's corys are one of my favorites, although I've never had any. Can anyone tell me if these species are as hardy as peppered and bronze corys, or slightly more delicate? also, would a 15 gallon be two small for sterba's considering they are one of the larger species?

anyway...please feel free to suggest your favorite species of cory :-D

Byron 07-11-2011 01:09 PM

Your tank is getting to the point of being established so any of the commonly-seen cory species should be OK. Those mentioned are all about the same mature size. If you are considering just one species, whichever it is I would get five. If you want two species, get three of each. Either option will work in your 15g. Weekly partial water changes, and you have plants.


dorabaker 07-11-2011 10:16 PM

thankyou! i'll see what species my LFS has :)

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