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Bluebirdnanny 07-07-2011 08:02 PM

Emergency Inheritance of tanks and fish questions:
A friends wife has been left with back/neck/ and closed head injury following an auto accident. She has been downstate with family for therapy and told him to give me the tanks and fish.

He dropped off some tanks the other day after combining the fish in one tank. He had already forgot to care for them and they lost several.

So I now added to my old, 40 gallon long community tank and my old 10 gallon, I have two more 10 gallons and what I think is a tall 15. Filters, lids, lights and heaters but no gravel or substrate. I filled them with water after wiping and rinsing well.

And he called to say he was bringing the fish on Sunday night. So I won't have time to do a cycle or proper set up.

Now my question: I know there are a few Cichlids of which one is large enough she used to keep them separated and I know she had firemouth??? and Jack Dempsy. Will the Jack Dempsy be ok by himself in the tall tank???

I will be splitting my community fish into the smaller tanks and use the 40 long for the firemouths. So for the single larger cichlid will a bare bottom 15 or 20 tall with a piece of driftwood be ok temp set up?

ladayen 07-07-2011 08:23 PM

Jack Dempseys can grow to 10 inches. You're going to want a 35 bare minimum, prefereably a 55+. Especially a tall tank, thats goign to mean even less room for this.

Now as to an emergenecy temp situation.. I would say it's better then a ditch somewhere. You'll have to do your best to get it out of that asap though, even if it means giving it away.

Ugh all those fish in one tank... I dont think you're going to be getting all that many by Sunday.

SeaHorse 07-07-2011 09:00 PM

I agree with Ladayen.... depending on what they have put all together.....
I am so sorry for your friend's accident and troubles. Hope she is recovering however slowly!! And can return to some normalcy.
You are an amazing friend to take on the fish and tanks and troubles for them. Let us know here on this thread what they bring you on the weekend and maybe we can help you sort it all out. Wish I was closer I would lend a hand in the grunt work!!
Looking forward to hearing more!

jeaninel 07-08-2011 02:17 AM

I think the Dempsey and the Firemouths should go in the 40 long and the smaller fish divided up into your smaller 10 and 15 gallon tanks. It's not ideal and you will have to keep an eye on how the JD and Firemouths get along but it will do in a pinch. Be sure to decorate the cichlid tank with lots of driftwood, rocks and what ever decorations you can find to create territories and break up the line of sight. Provide caves and cover for the Firemouths so each have their own cave and can get away from the JD.

Good luck and I hope your friend recovers from her accident.

Romad 07-08-2011 06:07 AM

Oh my.....

I hope your friend recovers soon. Good luck with your new fishy friends and let us know what you end up with when he brings them.

Bluebirdnanny 07-08-2011 02:52 PM

Thanks everyone. I have cleaned the smaller tanks and divided some of the water from the 40L into them. Tomorrow I will have to move the smaller fish I have into the smaller tanks (guppies, micky mouse platty, gold dust mollies.

So the large tank got its water change but is already aged and I can put the cichlids in there.
Already had driftwood etc in there.

So as soon as I get them I will know what to do and how many of my smaller fish will have to go to LFS. Hopefully this shifting won't make them ill. The three new tanks have no substrate until I can get some. But did move some decorations and some spawning grasses to each.

Bluebirdnanny 07-08-2011 02:56 PM

They don't think she will "recover much more" and has been banned from cooking or driving.
She no longer comes to church because she can not handle crowds anymore.

Bluebirdnanny 07-10-2011 09:02 PM

ok ready to start id on what I got
He said one Cichlid was a jack depsy and didn't know on the others.

CICHLIDS: (All in my large tank for now)
I think 3 are P. Managuensis (Jaguar Cichlid) Two are near the same size and the other is a little smaller.

2 are: Orange and Blue hues with ?greenish dot at back gill and pale dark inside looking blotches in center of body. One of these has a mouth/nose area red blushed. (Firemouth or another???)

1: he is the smallest Cichlid and (might be a Jack Dempsy????) (reminded me at first of a convict). It may not make it....was leaning on his side in the bucket. Now is moving some after resting on bottom of tank (upright after 5 minutes in tank). It looks like there is blue dotted caps on his top fins tips when he flares them open. He also looks like there is either tiny holes or pale blue dots in his tail.

CORY DORA: (Currently in with Guppies as Quarantee.. then will move to other tanks)
3= Lateral black line down body length. Vertical stripes in tail. Large black dot on upper fin.
1= Multiple black lines down body from gill to tail and a thick black Vertical mask over eyes. Also pale stripes Vertical on a slightly scissor tail.

I will describe these later. They are in the small tank they had them in. I added water for now and will sort out the snail explosion in it and do water changes until I get all the eggs out of the water. Didn't want to shock them with 100 % clean water that hadn't had any seasonsed in it. It looked like more than one variety in the same tank so I didn't want to do separating until I know what is what. Or I see what is healthy enough for the LFS.

Ok. Now any help with ID on these descriptions?? And yes I am looking in the Profiles.

rrcoolj 07-11-2011 12:07 AM

Pics would really help lol.

Watch those 3 jaguars. You are dealing with 3 potentially big, powerful,l and aggressive fish.

Christople 07-11-2011 12:43 AM

jaguars get huge

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