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TexasTornado 10-06-2006 06:04 PM

Water Wisteria
I have some water wisteria in my aquarium and the leaves toward the back of the plants are turning brown on the edges so i plucked them off. How do you care for this plant? How much light should it get...i have a plant light in the hood. My ph is about 7. Should i fertilize? I am using Flourish Excel-Organic Carbon but it dosn't seem to be making a difference. I have 3 tiny Tigar Barbs and 1 Blue Dwarf Guarami in my 20 gal tank.

Rebecca 10-06-2006 10:46 PM

From what I've read, water wisteria is incredibly easy to grow because it is so adaptable and hardy. It can adapt to many different light conditions. It seems you don't have to fertilize it. If it gets out of hand, trim it by chopping off the root part and then re-plant it; it will grow a new root system in no time. Someone wrote that they cut off a large part of the top part of the plant, but it died after that.

It likes any temps between 65-82 degrees, and pH levels of about 5-8. It can even grow out of the water if you let it, and then you can take that part and plant it in a garden or whatever, and it will root and be beautiful.

It's great to maintain the health of your tank because it absorbs large amounts of wastes and also helps control algae.

Since it does grow so quickly it's better for tanks 15 gallons or larger, so you're fine there since you have a 20-gal.

TexasTornado 10-23-2006 08:46 PM

I'm so dumb!!! I thought the leaves were dying because the plant was turning kinda brownish. I started pulling off the "dead" leaves and the brownish stuff started rubbing off!!! I'm guessing that it's just algae. I'm i right? If I am, how do I get it off my plants?????

Ziek 10-23-2006 10:04 PM

probably is algae because i get that on my swords. i have a twig sucker and a clown pleco that eat the algae off the plants without eating the plants themselves however with something with small leaves like wisteria maybe a couple otocinclus cats might do the trick. they are very small and don't grow very much however they are also somewhat hard to keep. they are the type of fish to randomly die even in the best tanks from what i've seen. in my tank i found if i make sure there isn't any extra food there is very limited brown algae growth so make sure not to overfeed. i have some panda cats in my tank and i don't count them in my feeding amounts to prevent over feeding. seems to work well with that brown algae. hope this helps

Biarsha 11-08-2006 08:09 AM

I have wisteria in my tank and my 2 albino plecos just love hanging from it. They love the algae growth on the leaves and are surprisingly gentle leaving the leaves intact.(the albinos do grow quite large) My other plecos aren't that interested with it. My tank has neutral ph and temp is around 26.5 deg celsius and the wisteria thrives. I agree with Ziek and otocinclus cats are a good choice but they do seem to be very finicky. My clown loaches also seem to like it but not as much as the plecos.

TexasTornado 11-21-2006 06:17 PM

ok so my plants have been doing great, but this week they started losing leaves!!!!!!!! LOTS OF LEAVES!!!!!!!! They just break off and i have to fish them out! What would make my wisteria do this??? I have good water!!

temp 78
nitrates 10ppm
nitrites 0
ammonia 0
ph 7
20 gal tank
3 tiger barbs are the only inhabitants right now

Lupin 11-21-2006 07:25 PM

Hi Sarah.:wave:

I may have miss these details though.:mrgreen: How many wattages does your light have? Have you considered adding fertilizers to ensure sufficient nutrient supply?:)

fish_4_all 11-21-2006 09:51 PM

Here is my experience with Wisteria:
Your nitrates are most likely not 10 even with a good liquid regent test kit, dose them at up to 10ppm 3x a week if you have at least 2 watts/gallon. I know your test kits says it does but you likely need more, especially at higher than 2w/g. I have around 3 and my wisteria used up nitrates way too fast.
Second, Wisteria also sucks up iron, PO4, and K. They need to be dosed at an equitable ratio with NO3.

Before changing anything, how many watts do you have right now? If you have the standard fluorescent then it shoud be about 1.5 w/g in which case you will need fetilizers to keep everything happy, especially with that light of a bioload.

TexasTornado 11-21-2006 10:11 PM

My bulb is a Flora-Glo 15 watt. I just bought what the man at the store told me I needed.

You can add nitrates?????? Having live plants is new to me and they looked so beautiful till about 3 weeks ago and now they look gross. The leaves turn kinda clearish or stay green b4 coming off!! Also they used to stand up and almost reach the top of the water but now they droop over...

Lupin 11-21-2006 10:24 PM


Originally Posted by TexasTornado
You can add nitrates?????? Having live plants is new to me and they looked so beautiful till about 3 weeks ago and now they look gross. The leaves turn kinda clearish or stay green b4 coming off!! Also they used to stand up and almost reach the top of the water but now they droop over...

Yep.:thumbsup: Potassium nitrates. I heard they are the ingredients used for gun bullets.:blink: Still have to learn more on guns but I hate touching
The way your plant acts, it looks like Cryptocoryne rot, a disease wherein plants thrive and then beginning to wilt after a few days or months. I doubt it though. Hope fish_4_all and Andrew come to your rescue.:) As I don't know much about plants.:mrgreen:

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