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puppyrjjkm 07-06-2011 08:29 PM

Planning for future tank.
Hello everyone. I'm planning for a future tank but would like everything picked out, questions answered etc. by the time I'm ready to purchase :) So here's the info:

36 gallon bow front with stand
Aqueon 36 Gallon Deluxe Bow Front Aquarium Kit - Fish - PetSmart

Haven't decided whether it's best to buy just tank/hood then buy heater and filter "customized" or to buy the kit with it included.What do you think?

As for filters, how does a canister filter differ from a HOB filter (all I've ever used). Which is better?

I'm planning on using 2 bags of Sea-chem plant substrate mixed with 10 lbs of gravel. Then using Flourish liquid fertilizer, and having a 6500K light. I currently have plants doing very well in this setup in my 10 gallon so I'll just switch all of those plants over.Will also be decorated with driftwood.

As for fish this is my current "supposed" stocking list:

2 angelfish
6 cory catfish
4 panda tetras
2 honey sunset gouramis
4 pineapple swordtails
1 african spotted leaf fish

Are the leaf fish aggressive? Other than that how is the stocking?

Christople 07-06-2011 08:33 PM

leaf fish will eat the tetras. And the gourami might attack the swordtails, I think

bigehugedome 07-06-2011 08:54 PM

Some people agree that the seachem plant substrate is not needed. I use it, because I also like the look and size and it has to do something for the plants, but eventually the "good stuff" in the bag will run out. Dosing with Flourish and having a 6500k light should be fine. Im not saying dont use the seachem stuff, just letting you know because of $ you dont NEED it.

As for the filter, and internal(sponge or canister) filter will not break the water surface like a HOB, which causes CO2 to be lost and that is not good for the plants. Fish have to be considered when picking a filter, I think Angels like slow moving water so you dont want flow to be strong.

As for the heater, I cant tell from the site but if it is a non-adjustable one it may be best not to buy the combo. Especially if you want another filter. But you have to compare costs first.

BTW, i like your betta sorority.

jennesque 07-06-2011 09:01 PM

The angels need to be kept in a bigger group as do the tetras. I don't really know about the other fish as far as compatibility, but others will be able to advise you of that.

What I can say about the filter is that's actually the filter I have in my tank and it's very VERY quiet. I love the fact that it can start from a dry start, the motor is submerged which is why it's so quiet.. and the water will be filled up to such a level with the filter, that there's not a ton of splashing. It's also designed to break up the water before it hits the surface of the water, to damper the sound and probably the current and water break as well. I think it's an excellent filter for what it is.

BarbH 07-07-2011 01:51 AM

I agree about the angels, they need to be kept in a group of 5 and require a 55 gallon tank. You could do a proven breeding pair of angels in the 36, but then you could run into issues with them with the other fish, since they can become very territorial especially when they are spawning.

Christople 07-07-2011 12:47 PM

pus the temp is a bt low for them.

puppyrjjkm 07-07-2011 05:09 PM

Thanks for the information everyone. We've only ever kept angels in pairs and never had a problem. Is having more just to be "safe" in case they turn out to be all males, and want to prevent fighting?

I'll probably not get more sea-chem if it's not necessary I'll just stick with gravel.

Byron 07-07-2011 06:46 PM

The idea for a group of angels is to provide them what nature intended for them, nothing more. They are shoaling fish. They will therefore be less stressed in a group, and a 55g is minimum for 5-6. Having said that, if one want to specifically breed angels, then a pair (mated) is fine. The fish will continually spawn and be happy. And a 36g can accommodate that. But the optimum word is "mated." Two male angels in a 36g is almost certain to result in one live fish and one very dead fish. They are territorial as are all cichlids. And gourami too.

But Honey Gourami are a bit easier, and in a 36g a group would be best. Males are still Territorial and can get rough, but in a group this is spread out and you should aim for female/male ratio, maybe 2 males to 3 females.

Leaf fish was already mentioned, it is in our profiles under Leopard Ctenopoma, or scientifically Ctenopoma acutirostre which, although there are other species, is pertinent for its care and habits. It needs a 55g tank with carefully selected tankmates as noted therein.

Panda tetra. Not a recommended community fish ever. For its tiny size, this is one mean fish. I have twice tried them, and unless they can be in their own tank, forget it. They will bully other fish in the tank and you will have diseased fish. When I was researching their fish profile, I came across more warnings and "never get these" comments than I think I ever have with all of the fish I've profiled. They are here under Dawn Tetra [the more "common" common name].

On the filter, as has been mentioned, select the filter for the type of habitat you intend, which means suitable for the fish to be kept. Different fish need different environments, including water movement, so know the fish then select the tank and equipment. For example, a canister would be preferable for the various fish mentioned.

I tend to find that "packages" have equipment I don't want, or it is less than high quality. Aside from the filter, cheap heaters for instance can suddenly fail overnight and either cook or chill the fish with total losses; worth spending more for a good quality heater.

Hope this helps a bit.


puppyrjjkm 07-07-2011 10:22 PM

That was helpful, thanks. However, I currently have panda tetras in my 29 gallon and they leave everyone alone, and are as peaceful as any other type of tetra I've ever kept. Could they be 2 different fish with similar common names?

I had to replace our heater for our 50 gallon twice after the "kit heater" broke, so I will probably buy separately especially since I need a better light anyway.

bigehugedome 07-08-2011 12:20 AM


Originally Posted by puppyrjjkm (Post 727509)
That was helpful, thanks. However, I currently have panda tetras in my 29 gallon and they leave everyone alone, and are as peaceful as any other type of tetra I've ever kept. Could they be 2 different fish with similar common names?

Maybe you picked out a nice group :wink:. What other fish are they with in your 29 gallon? How many our there?

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