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fish_4_all 08-08-2007 08:22 PM

When they all go to the top
Don't ignore your tanks when your snails are all suddenly at the top of the tank. I checked my ammonia 3 days ago and it was zero. Checked today because the snails were all at the top and low and behold 2ppm. What caused it I do not know short of not getting enough gunk out of the tank with each water change or just the fact I have been smashing so many pond snails in the past 3-5 days. Needless to say I did 2 huge water changes and will be testing it many times in the next couple days.

The odd thing was that there was only 5ppm nitrAtes and 0ppm nitrites. Guess I caught it early or it was just an odd situation that caused ammonia to spike and nothing else.

I am really thinking about going with a bare bottom for snails just to keep the tank cleaner while changing less water.

willow 08-09-2007 02:58 AM

glad you caught it early,could have been awful.
i'm interested about you saying not having substrate
on the bottom of the tank,if you have the time
could you tell me the advantages of this,
as i have a little tank for the guppy girls,and the gravel is big compared to the cories who also live there.
i was going to remove some small gravel from my
other tanks,but now wonder if to bother at all ?

fish_4_all 08-09-2007 01:02 PM

The only advantage would be the ease of cleaning. That and poossibly the ability to see the babies since they are so small and they won't be able to hide in the gravel.

Other than that I wouldn't go without gravel in any tank but a fry tank.

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