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GwenInNM 07-03-2011 09:22 PM

German Ram and Bolivian together?

With my plan of putting 2 German rams (male and female) in a 25 gal tank, could I put my male Bolivian Ram in with them if I wanted? The only other fish I plan on putting in the tank would be a school of Cardinal Tetras. I'm wondering if my Bolivian Ram would prefer to move over to water with a lower ph, and swim with the German Rams.

The Bolivian is now in a 43 gal tank with Dwarf Rainbows, loaches and neon tetras. He's fine there, but just wondering about him in the smaller tank set up for the German Rams?



Byron 07-04-2011 11:55 AM

No. There is insufficient space for any additional cichlids in a 25g with the pair of Rams. Also, the higher temp needed for the Blue Ram is not advisable for the Bolivian Ram, though it might manage, but my Bolivians have lived well at "normal" temps around 77-79F. A degree or two makes more of an impact on the fish than we sometimes realize.

I have maintained several of the swarf SA cichlids over the 20+ years, and spawned most of those I have had. Even in my larger tanks, 4-feet and 5-feet, I will not have more than one species. And before someone says it, yes, this can work in 4+ foot tanks. But the fish will be jockeying for dominance, and sometimes this results in the death of the loser(s). I don't see the need to create such situations, I get no pleasure sitting in front of a tank with fish that are reacting stressfully. If it bothers them, it bothers me.:-)


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