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zazzified 08-07-2007 10:57 PM

What to do with my morbidly obese molly?
I have an orange lyretail molly whose eating habits are out of control, and I need help. He'll (I use that for simplicity, I am terrible with fish gender...what is it?) eat absolutely anything, regardless of its actual purpose...algae wafers, other sinking wafers, frozen blood worms, freeze dried blood worms, and of course the flakes that are actually for him. I have a frog, another normal-sized molly, and three black skirt tetras. None of them are aggressive with food so the orange one has no reason to be such a cow. Anyway, how do I put a fish on a diet? I really would like to avoid having to try to corral him twice a day but I guess it's going to need to come to that. At what point is he/she/it going to just explode for the others to eat him?

Here he is:

You'd think he was a balloon belly...but you'd be wrong.

blueblue48 08-07-2007 11:40 PM

lol nope i think thats what they like to call a "preggers" molly. its a female (hence the triangulated anal fin) and its definatly pregnant, id get a breeder net that hangs inside the cage and then when she starts sitting on the bottom alot that means shell go into labor soon. put her in the net and remove her after shes birthed the fry.

fish_4_all 08-07-2007 11:42 PM

Actually my first thought was that "he" was a balloon molly but after a closer look, he is a she and with the way the belly is boxed off toward the anal vent I would think that she is about ready to pop! Congrats if I am right.

To identify them, you see that single fin in front of the tail, called the anal fin. If it was a male the fin would be pointed not looking like a normal fin. Almost definately a female.

zazzified 08-07-2007 11:47 PM

How long would she be pregnant though?! She's been gigantic for quite a long while.

I have a breeder net thing already that I've never used so I suppose I'm prepared in that respect. This will most likely become a giant nightmare however, since I'm moving in two weeks!

And thanks for pointing out how I can tell, lol

fish_4_all 08-07-2007 11:52 PM

6 Weeks I think but that is from memory so don't quote me. As for birthing, anytime to be honest. The back is almost squared off and she should be really close. Might be able to see their eyes if you use a strong flashlight.

zazzified 08-07-2007 11:58 PM

Hmm. She must have gotten pregnant right before I got her, then, because I think I've had her about a month and a half now and now that I know how, I can tell the other molly is a female as well.

Guess I'm off to google about fish birthing, hahah. Thanks.

fish_4_all 08-08-2007 12:05 AM

To save oyu a ittle time, live bearers can have up to 7 births from one fertilization so it would be all that surpising for her to have 2-5 more batches without a male in the tank.

zazzified 08-08-2007 12:10 AM

Yeah I just saw that. Guess I'll get in a lot of practice, haha.

fish_4_all 08-08-2007 01:17 AM

One more thing to research, I talked with a couple others and they all said that there is a chance that you do have a balloon mollie there and not a pregnant one. The "balloon" will not show sometimes until they are 6 months old or older and sexually mature. Just a thought and is a possibility.

blueblue48 08-08-2007 03:07 AM

it really doesnt seem to be a balloon molly though, they have a wider head and mouth. goodluck with the little molly fry! and update us with pictures! :D

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