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bettababy 06-29-2011 02:11 AM

angelfish with salmon/pink fins
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Hi everyone! I have had a hard time getting good photos of these guys, but finally the lighting is just right tonight and they're big enough and friendly enough to not hide when I approach the tank. I wanted to share these photos because of the unique coloration of these fish. I'm planning to keep 2 of them, almost twins like the one in the first photo. Sadly, I can't afford to keep them all or I would. I'm planning to attempt some kind of controlled breeding (hoping I get enough male/female to pair up to make it possible) with focus on the pinkish fin coloration. I am still waiting for my other pair of adults to "get it right", would like to mix the pinkish fins of these with the fry from my other pair, hoping for even brighter pink colors in a few generations. Not all of the fry came through with perfect fins, but it only appears to be a problem in a few out of about 50 fry. That's a gene I'm hoping to diminish as I work on the color genes.

Anyways... I just had to show them off because they are so unique. I've never seen angelfish with such bright salmon coloration before... they are simply beautiful!

1077 06-29-2011 02:23 AM


They are striking fishes! :nicefish:

bettababy 06-29-2011 03:50 AM

Thanks 1077... I wish I could keep them all, they are so pretty to watch! I'm looking forward to the next spawn, hoping to get just as much if not more color from the next ones. This is the first successful spawn from this adult pair, so I was quite surprised to see so much of this coloration, and it developed early. In some of the white/gold angels the pink in the fins is fading as they age, but in the others it seems to be getting darker. I'm hoping that due to their unusual coloration I can find good homes for even those with the bent/deformed fins. They swim just fine, just not good for breeding. I just didn't have the heart to put them down. The fin deformation in the handful who have it didn't show up until they were already about 8 wks old, and I don't have a cull fish atm.

Romad 06-29-2011 04:17 AM

They are beautiful. The patterns are really something too.

Inga 06-29-2011 04:22 AM

Very pretty fish. As I am new to Angelfish, I don't know what is normal. What causes the deformed fins in your fish? Does allowing fish from a same batch to breed cause that or is it just a random thing? I assume that the deformed fin is really just a cosmetic issue and that the fish can still have a normal life as a pet? The problem I would see is the same thing I had with the Guppies. Angels are social so you want to have several in a tank. Then they pair off and begin breeding. I love my Angels and I want them happy but I do NOT want them breeding. Certainly not several batches anyway. That is too many good homes I have to try to find. ha ha

What colors were the parents in your breeding? The salmon colored fins are certainly unique and quite pretty. I have one fish that I LOVE the colors of and thought too that if one could isolate that color pattern, I thought it would be very popular. I am just not wanting to get into that.

It will be interesting to see how your do as they grow up. Will the color get darker? Will it breed true? Good luck with your lovely new fish. :)

bettababy 06-29-2011 06:14 PM


Originally Posted by Inga (Post 716375)
Very pretty fish. As I am new to Angelfish, I don't know what is normal. What causes the deformed fins in your fish? Does allowing fish from a same batch to breed cause that or is it just a random thing?

Deformity in the fins is usually a genetic flaw/defect that can be passed down through generations, though it doesn't typically affect all fish from a spawn. Many breeders use culling to prevent this trait from passing down through to the next generations, only breeding those fish that don't show the trait, and over time, breeding that trait out of them all together. Inbreeding/line breeding is one of many things that can cause it to happen. I know that my adult fish are not inbred, however, I don't know about generations in their bloodline before them. By breeding the healthy fish to another bloodline that doesn't or is less likely to carry that trait, it can often be eliminated with time, patience, and plenty of space for successive and selective breeding.

There are situations where it can be a random genetic defect. By not breeding the fish that are obviously affected it can thus eventually be eliminated within a blood line as described above.

The fish I have are not having any physical issues with the deformed fins, they all swim just fine... its more a matter of how it looks and people finding it unattractive. They still make wonderful pets and can live a normal, happy, healthy life.

I will take some photos of the parents tonight and add them to this thread so you can see what I started with. My parent fish came from some freebies I won online in a drawing... I started with 6 and ended up with 3 mated pairs. (very unusual) I have lost 1 female, she was egg bound and there was nothing I could do for her... but the other 2 pairs continue to breed regularly, only one successfully raising fry thus far. The other pair is still learning.

Breeding angelfish is not as easy as breeding guppies or other live bearers. Finding a mated pair of angelfish can be a challenge in itself. I have been keeping angelfish in pairs or groups of 3 - 5 for many yrs but this is the first time I've had mated pairs form and spawn. When they are small they are impossible to sex, so its always a toss up to get male/female in the same tank... and then they can be very selective when it comes to a mate, which makes it even harder. Had this entire spawn survived I would have approx. 150 - 300 fry instead of the 50+ I ended up with. These fish have been in a tank with a red tail shark from time of egg/hatching to present. There were also cherry barbs, gold barbs, and red & blue columbian tetras in the tank with them in the beginning weeks. All fish besides the shark and rubber pleco had to be removed because they were eating the fry. The parents did their best, but it was too many predator fish to make it possible for them to protect them all. So... as you can see... breeding is not always "easy".

If your angels are in a community tank and begin to spawn you will want to watch everyone/everything carefully. Parent fish can be extremely aggressive and can cause a lot of damage to other fish while protecting eggs and fry. My parent pair has done a number on my red tail shark over the past few months, but thankfully he has learned to coexist peacefully now.

Thanks for the interest!

Inga 06-29-2011 06:48 PM

It is for that reason that I hope my Angels just remain friends but do not pair up. I do not want them to get all crazy and hurt anyone else in the tank. I do however, think that my Tuxedo Angel (not technical term) is one of the loveliest fish I have seen. I have yet to achieve a clear picture of him/her. He is a Gold Marble Platinum. Gorgeous fish if I do say so myself. :) yeah, I know we all think that about our fish, don't we?

It is funny how certain colors are so expensive while others are not so much. Guess it is all about supply and demand or something. The finage on my largest Sunset Blushing Angel has very impressive finage. I should think she would get tired just hauling all that around. Amazing graceful fish though. It is just a treat to watch them. Nice way to calm down after a stressful day. I can't wait to see your pictures.

zof 06-29-2011 07:20 PM

Very cool coloration and finage, looking forward to some more pics ;-)

Byron 07-03-2011 01:03 PM

Very beautiful fish indeed Dawn, well done.


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