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Julie's Julies 08-06-2007 11:58 PM

Angelfish growth patterns
How long does it take an angelfish to grow to adult size? I have an angel that I got about 2 months ago. He was originally about the size of a quarter, and now he's about half again as big. Lately he doesn't seem to have grown much, though, so I was just curious if something is wrong or if they are slow growers. He's in a 55-gallon tank, so size should not be hindering him. He seems to think he's one of the black skirt tetras, though, and actually schools with them. I was worried that there would be squabbling between the two species since both have long, flowing fins, but they seem to get along just fine.

Lupin 08-07-2007 12:33 AM

Growth rate is dependent on availability of food supply and water conditions. They are actually fast growers but growth rate eventually slows down. Angels should be sexually mature by 8 months depending on the strains. Most become sexually matured by a year and over.

jones57742 08-07-2007 12:23 PM


Something is wrong here although you did not state how long that you had been raising "him".

Ditto Lupin and the following is based substantially on his comments.

In additition the height of the tank will also influence the ultimate size of the angel (IMHO an angel will not attain it's full size in a tank which is not 30" deep).

The following is based on my experience and I feed mostly beef heart mixture:

By 2 months the angel should be 2".

By 3 months the angel should be 3".

The growth rate will slow down and at 6 months the angel should be 4".

At one year the angel should be 6" or more.

Having said that: some angels "just don't cut it": I have 2 which are 8 months old and only about 3". I do not believe that they will ever attain their potential 8". I anticipate moving them an aquarium in the clubhouse of local retirement community as "these folks" have never seen a 3" angel fish.


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