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Cornelius1208 06-27-2011 08:00 PM

Are LED lights good to use for plants?
I have a planted 55 gallon community tank and use two 24 inch light fixtures with T8 bulbs with a color temperature rating of 5,700K. I want to switch to a new lighting and I'm thinking of shoveling the money out for some LED light fixtures, but I'm not sure if the LED lights give off enough lights for what my plants require. Does anyone know the impact of LED lights on aquatic plants and if it's efficient enough for optimal growth?

Plants in my aquarium (as of now):
Amazon sword
Brazilian sword
Anubias sp.

Please help me!

P.S. Byron, if you have the time, I'm begging for your wisdom!

brownmane 06-28-2011 04:57 PM

I think that there are mixed reviews about LED lighting. I have it in my 20 gal, but it came included. I haven't experienced anything noticeable yet with my plants. It is lower lighting than I had previously and my vallisneria grows slower. I've had it since February, so it may still be too early to come to a conclusion. Apparently, according to others, to switch to LED is pricey. This I can't comment about because I did have it included.

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