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Tommy 06-27-2011 08:00 AM

when can/should I trim moss?
Hey guys, I set up my nano moss tank about a week ago, I have piece of drift wood which I've almost completely covered in flame moss. I tied it with thread. I was wondering if I should trim it down now or wait a month or so? Ive been researching moss on the net and alot of ppl say that when u trim moss it re grows thicker/greener and nicer... Or do I leave it until it's completely settled in the tank and attached before I start trimming it?

Also I have 3 riccia rocks, how long should I let them get before trimming?
My tank has LED lighting and co2 injection incase u need to know.

Byron 06-27-2011 10:37 AM

I can respond with respect to Java Moss which I have in all my tanks, growing on wood. Once established, it does grow fast in some tanks, slower in others. I just pull off bits when it is too much. In one tank it grows to about 8 inches all around a chunk of wood; I pull it off until I have about 2-3 inches, within 5-6 weeks I have 8 inches again. In another tank it grows slow and I've never trimmed it yet.

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