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fish_4_all 08-06-2007 12:51 AM

Big Golden
Well here he is, I finally got a good picture of him. Not all that impressive but is the largets one I have ever raised.

The opening is 1.25 inches across and from tip of the opening to the point is just under 2 inches.

blueblue48 08-06-2007 01:24 AM

not all that impressive :shock: :shock: ?!? look at those tiny little scragglers behind him! thats what my 2 snails look like! how long have you had him?

Lupin 08-06-2007 02:01 AM


fish_4_all 08-06-2007 12:49 PM

I have had him for 6-8 months now. As for the scragglers, they are ramshorns so they really don't qualify but they are even heathier than I have even had them. Getting to the size of a nickel with some seriosuly smooth shells and even some blue on the shell.

Trishfish 08-06-2007 04:20 PM

Interesting shell pattern. My golds are solid gold little nuggets. He looks very healthy.

Falina 08-06-2007 04:22 PM

Nice snail!!

willow 08-06-2007 04:27 PM

:shock: impressive snails there.
mine didn't last longer than a week,it died and
was very stinky when i took it out. :sick:

MattD 08-06-2007 05:46 PM

Nice snail. Very large, I'd say that's about as large as you'd ever see a mystery snail. Looks very healthy, his actual body is wonderful. Nice shell too.

My mystery snail is gone. I observed him by the intake of the filter for 2 days, thinking he had found a good buildup of algae to feast on for a bit.

Finally, I flashed a light closer to him, and saw that his head was being sucked up the intake! He was being ravaged by the intake for two days, poor thing. He was the perfect specimen too! About the size of a quarter, a beautiful, golden shell with literally no imperfections. :(

I'll be getting a new one as soon as the lfs gets a new shipment. I went back a day or two later, and they were ALL upturned, trap doors half open, some of them floating on the surface, a few even had their whole bodies hanging out limp. I assumed most of the were dead, but I wasn't going to risk buying one.

I'll get a new one when their snails are out and about! :D :D :D

fish_4_all 08-06-2007 07:02 PM

I have seen other specimens that were much prettier looking and smoother shell and all but I can't complain. The newest shell growth is much smoother and the color is better. I have seen ones that are simply awesome looking and hopefully I will figure out sooner or later how to get them to look that good.

MattD 08-09-2007 04:42 AM

Doesn't the quality of the shell depend directly on the pH? Obviously there are other factors like diet, water quality etc, but as far as the caliber of shell goes I thought the pH played the largest role.

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