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bigehugedome 06-25-2011 07:00 PM

Bent Loach
Hey guys,

I saw this somewhere on the Internet, but wanted your thoughts. Has anyone seen/have a bent loach? I have had 5 zebra loaches for just about a year now, and for a long as I can remember one of the loaches has had a vemt spine. It does not seem to bother me or the loach, just thought it was weird.

I just noticed in the profiles there is something on Chronic skinny disease( which must have been added within the year because I don't remember reading it) but he is not skinny. His stomach is not concaved at all, you can see his spine though because it's bent!!

bettababy 06-29-2011 03:57 AM

The bent spine is a neurological disorder, can be passed on through genetics. If it doesn't bother you or the fish, just think of it as "handicapped" and enjoy it. These fish tend to have a shorter life span than a healthy fish of same species, but with the right love and care to its needs, I have seen a few out live their healthier siblings.

This can also happen from a bacterial infection that attacks the neurological system, and the damage is permanent.

If the fish is otherwise healthy I wouldn't worry about it, as there is nothing to do to fix/help it. I'm glad to hear it found a loving home. Many breeders will destroy fish who show this disorder so as not to pass on the genetics that caused it. Retailers tend to do the same thing because handicapped fish such as that don't sell.

bigehugedome 07-01-2011 10:32 AM

Well, luckily I already have a 3 legged cat and another cat with a genitic disorder. HA. I already had him for a year, and read about someone with a bent loach during that time, I was just looking for the exact reason he was bent. So thanks.

He fits in well with the other guys, and hopefully he will live just as long.

One of my black neons also has a messed up face. I'm not sure how to explain it, Ill try to get a pic or something. Anyway I noticed it after I got him acclimated, and it did not effect his eating so I kept him, I would spend more money in gas trying to get back to a store that would just kill him anyway then get a refund on one tetra, and now its been a year and he is fine.

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