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heavenly680 06-22-2011 07:27 PM

angelfish lover is in the building
I am new to Tropical Fish Keeping and I have joined to find fellow angel fish lovers like myself.......I have a 20 gallon freshwater tank with an angelfish, one glowfish, to sunburst platy's, one black tetra, two long-fin tetras, and 3 guppies! As you can tell i love tetras, SO HARDY!!!!8-)

heavenly680 06-22-2011 07:34 PM

OK, is my platy pregnant or not please HELP!!!!!
My sunburst platy has been getting pretty fat now....and I have a male in the tank so I am guessing yes but I dont know.:-( P.s I think I can see the shapes of the fry in her belly.

Inga 06-23-2011 07:21 AM

I am assuming that your Angelfish is a baby? What kind of Angelfish do you have? I have 5 Angelfish. 2 are Sunset Blushing

1 Black Marble or Chocolate

1 Silver Marble

and one Gold Platinum which is elusive or fast and I have not been able to catch a clear picture of him.
He is similar to this guy but very large and a Gold body rather then silver with very striking Black marks, much like this guy.

These pictures were all taken when they were babies. I need to get pictures of them now. They are quite large and their fins are very impressive. I love each one of them. I keep switching favorites. I love each one.

Hope you will share pictures of yours.

heavenly680 06-23-2011 12:01 PM

Actually my angel fish is full grown and is HUGE!!!!!!!! I will try to post some pictures....

BarbH 06-23-2011 01:07 PM

Welcome to TFK, also new to tropical fish keeping and a lover of angel fish myself. I have four young angels right now ranging from about quarter size to about 2.5" on my biggest. I have always liked the look of angel fish and they are what brougt me into this hobby. I find that they are full of great personality and are always at the front begging for food the moment they see me enter the room. It is now to the point that all four of my angels along with my platys will eat defrosted frozen blood worms from my hand :lol:. Any time I stick my hand in the tank they are all there checking to see if I have a treat for them. My largest angel will also sit in the front wagging his tail at me begging for food. There is a lot of useful information on this site and the people on this forum are very friendly and make you feel welcomed. Good and sound advice is given without making you feel like you are being attacked which I have unfortunately seen on other forums. Look forward to seeing pictures of your angel and other fish:-D

amazon21 06-23-2011 01:19 PM

Welcome to TFK! I love angels as well! While I don't have angels right now, I do love angelfish and might even get into breeding them in the future if I have time. Just a few things you might want to know. First off, by black tetra, I'm guessing that your referring to the Black Widow Tetra? Black Widow Tetra's are a schooling species, you need at least 4 more if you want your tetra to feel comfortable, and show their true behavior. I have no idea what species your longfin tetra is though, maybe you could get us a picture? If it is a tetra, you want to keep it in a school however. Tetra's that aren't in a school will hide, and die early.

heavenly680 06-23-2011 02:10 PM

Thank you for the warm welcomes.....I will try to post some pics of my fish. Amazon21: I only have one black tetra because the 3 other ones have died, trust me I love for fish to have buddies! ;)

heavenly680 06-23-2011 02:13 PM

Oh and I got my Long-fin tetras from a friend so that is really all I could do.

heavenly680 06-23-2011 02:20 PM

Here is what my angel fish looks like :) Except A LOT my opinion

Inga 06-23-2011 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by heavenly680 (Post 709864)
Here is what my angel fish looks like :) Except A LOT my opinion

Beautiful fish! I wasn't a fan of Angelfish in the beginning but I really love them now. They are so peceful looking as they glide through the water. A stark contrast to my spastic Guppies. lol

Yours looks like an Altum Angelfish, is it? They do get HUGE, you are right. :) I love their look too.

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