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fry1goat 08-04-2007 11:04 AM

Help For A NooB
Does anyone have any helpful hits, or comments for a noob? I am fairly new to the aquatic hobby. I started just over a year ago. I started out with a 5 gallong tank, then moved up to a 29 gallon tank, now I have a 40 gallon tank. I have had the 40 gallon for 3 months now. Doing good thus far. Is there anything I need to know with this much larger tank?

willow 08-04-2007 11:18 AM

the only thing that comes to mind ,right this second
would be the amount of medication or fertilizer.
it would increase with the amount of water that you have.
other than that,i'm at a loss :dunno:

JouteiMike 08-04-2007 12:21 PM

The larger the tank the easier it is to maintain and keep stable in my opinion. The only downside is that larger tanks require more filtration than the smaller tanks.

What kind of set-up do you have?
What fish do you keep?
Do you have water test kit for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate?

Do you have any specific questions about cleaning, testing, diseases, filtration or anything? Let us know.

fry1goat 08-04-2007 03:01 PM

Tank Name My 40 Gallon Tank
Water Type Freshwater
Substrate Gravel
Tank Size 40 Gallons
Filtration Two twenty gallon filters
Lighting Standard lighting
Temp. Control
Comments My first attempt at a larger fish tank.
Occupants 40 Gallon Tank
2 columbian sharks
1 striped rapheal catfish
1 spotted rapheal catfish
1 Bumble Bee Catfish
2 Lace catfish
4 red barbs
2 Blood Fin Tetras
1 Comon Pleco
2 Red Platties
4 sunburst Platties
1 upside down catfish
2 Angel Fish
1 African Butterfly Fish
2 Apple snails

Lupin 08-04-2007 04:57 PM

Here's the link as well that will help.:)

At any rate, filtration should strictly be increased along with tank maintenance frequency as the tank is pushing beyond the limits. What are the water parameters thus far?

jones57742 08-04-2007 08:39 PM


Just a slight departure from the thread topic.

In West Texas:
if 2 is the desirable minimum
then 4 is good
and 8 is what you really want.

In my wet/dry biological filtration process the flow is through


Then through, in parallel, ceramic cylindrical toroids and ceramic toroids which are placed under the bioballs in the 1st chamber of the sump;

Then through sintered glass placed along the underflow from the 1st chamber of the sump to the 2nd chamber of the sump.

In addition I have two limestone rocks placed in the 2nd chamber of my sump.
These rocks, in addition to providing some hardness to the tank water, also have a significant quantity of crevices and cavities which provide significant surface area for the production of digestion bacteria.

The moral of the story is that I have enough biological filtration in my 110G tank to suffice for a tank much larger than, what I would anticipate to be, 500G.

In addition, in wet/dry filtration processes, a tank volume turnover rate of 5 times per hour is desirable for a fairly heavily stocked tank.
The pump which returns the water in the sump to the tank for my filtration produces a tank turnover volume of approximately 10 times per hour.


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