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Discofruit 08-03-2007 11:52 PM

Tank setup review...
So I've got a 26 gallon bowfront tank.. freshwater.
It's planted, community, and I have 3 rocks and two pieces of driftwood.

My fish:
1 betta (seems content to swim around at the top)
2 kribensis cichlids
2 curviceps cichlids
5 harlequin rasboras
2 green stripe shark rasboras
1 glolite zebrafish
7 neon tetras
2 cory cats
2 raphael cats

2 banana plants
2 water lillies (bought from bulbs)
Assorted argentine sword
Java Fern

It's crowded..but doesn't seem too bad.
The fish swim at different levels... so it's tight but not horrible.

St6_Devgru 08-04-2007 01:49 AM

its tight but not horrible... it will be if your not lucky. if its crowded even a little bit its not good. overall i dont see any discrepencies but im sure other people will maybe. but i see you have other aquariums. you should also know a semi crowded tank can harbor diseases and parasites very fast and often uncontrollable with large financial and collateral damge.

good luck=)

Lupin 08-04-2007 06:28 AM

Welcome to

What gender are your kribs? If both are male and female, they will easily wreak havoc on your community once they spawn. Add more cories, glowlights and rasboras please. 5 will be the minimum number.

If you have another tank of 30 gallons or bigger, place your Raphael cats there. They will gobble down your other fish if given the opportunity.

Discofruit 08-04-2007 11:02 PM

The kribs are a pair... but they do not seem to be spawning. The male krib is one of the healthiest I've ever seen. I did have a pair of bamboo shrimp but they died a while back because of a pH spike.. (I had a rock in there that was meant for stabilizing brackish tanks).
Do you really think more bottom feeders are in order?

I am not terribly attatched to any of the smaller fish and.. if the case may be, I am alright with the catfish picking off a few of the smaller fish.
The raphaels are both only about an 2" at the moment... they have been for quite some time.

Also... snails.
Good? Bad in large numbers?

Lupin 08-04-2007 11:17 PM


Originally Posted by Discofruit
Do you really think more bottom feeders are in order?

More cories.

Also... snails.
Good? Bad in large numbers?
What kind of snails? Overfeeding is their key to population explosion and their population should be regulated. Malayan trumpet snails are okay as they help loosen the substrate to prevent compact areas leading to anaerobic spots that can release toxic gases thus killing the fish.

Discofruit 08-05-2007 11:01 PM

Round shelled snails... I don't have tons of them.
Occasionally I'll gently stir the gravel to losen debris or gases.. I've heard of that as more of an issue with marine tanks though.


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