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tennis4you 08-03-2007 09:23 PM

I just set up a 125g tank. I need to get it cycled before I put fish in it (obviously).

I have a 55g that has a whisper filter system in it. In the filter system there are (2) white filters. Can I remove one from the 55g tank and basically just set it in the 125 gallon tank to help it cycle? I do not have a whisper filter in the 125g to set it in, it would basically just get anchored to the bottom of the tank. Is this OK or should I take a different route?

I have a 30g at work that I just took one of the filters from my 55 gallon and put it in the filter there, but it had water running through it and had an actual filter.



fish_4_all 08-03-2007 09:31 PM

Absolutely, the filter sponge from the one will help a lot to get the other cycle going much faster. So will substrate, ornaments, and even just taking the filters from the established one and swishing them in the new tank or squeezing them out into the new tank will drop a ton of biological material in the new tank. Anything helps. Take a small piece of the old filter and cut off and put it in the new filter against some of the other media. Take a component of the media for the new filter and run it in the old filter for a week. Lots of methods to speed up a cycle.

What method are you thinking about using to cycle it?

mHeinitz57 08-06-2007 09:28 AM

I agree and the nice part of whisper bio-bags is you can remove the black plastic part and stick the sponge part pretty much anywhere. For asthetics purposes and for close contact to the new bacteria colony location I would place the biobag in whatever filter you plan to use.

jones57742 08-06-2007 12:45 PM

Ditto F4A and Mh:

One additional item.

Placing the "used biological filtration media" in the filtration process will accelerate the cycling process significantly compared to "just placing it in the tank".


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