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nonvolatilelife 06-20-2011 12:45 AM

Advantages/disadvantages of invertebrates?
I'm planning out my tank and I see some tanks with crabs snails shrimp etc. I was just wondering the advantages/disadvantages of having some of these and whether they would be compatible with 1 Rainbow shark and a school of tiger barb?

Also I read in a couple of places about snail problems/pests, like that they overpopulate the tank or something. Is that only with some snails or what?

Also what I plan is 55g, lots of live plants, sand, pH 7, hardness 5, temperature 78, freshwater.

Thanks ahead of time for any info/advice as far as invertebrates go! 8-)

DKRST 06-22-2011 07:12 PM

I want some more inverts myself. Currently I only have Malaysian trumpet snails and pond snails. Shrimp are very cool, but depending on the shrimp size, they may end up being tasty snacks for the fish!

One disadvantage to inverts in a fish tank is it may limit your ability to treat for fish diseases since many inverts don't do well with some fish medications.
The tank sounds nice, but don't get too set on holding a "precise" pH and hardness. That will be determined by a variety of in-tank issues (plants, substrate type, etc.) and your water factors.

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