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abhisek1989 06-17-2011 01:17 PM

10G tank help ?....
hello friends , i am new to the forum, i am Abhisek from Kolkata. India and i want your help for my tank. my tank is 2 months old earlier i was having 2 red oranda, 2 red cap, 3 black moor, 2 common pleco, and 1 angel. and as my freinds told me that i should remove the gold fish as they need more space to leave in 10g tank so last week i removed them and bought 1 pair of gaint gouraumi, 1 BGK and 1 albino shark, and now i have the following
1. 2pc gaint gouraumi, ( appox 3 inch)
2. 1pc albino shark, (1.5 inch)
3. 1pc BGk, (3inch)
4. 1pc angel (2inch)
5. 2pc common pleco (4-5inch)
now the gourami are attacked the angel and he is injured and he can die any moment so i was thinking to add some other fish which can go with gaint gouraumi and BGK, and i have found some compatible combinations they are as follow:
1. Bala Shark, (1-2pcs)
2. Bosemani Rainbow, (1-2pcs)
3. Clown Loach, (1-2pcs)
4. Dwarf Neon Rainbow (1-2pcs)

and i am planing to buy a big tank within 5-6 months so tell me which are the fish i can keep till them in the tank.

And can u tell me some medicines the can recover an injured fish fast and what are the fish medicines and there uses? :-D:lol::-)

sik80 06-17-2011 01:36 PM

None of the fish you have are suiable for a 10g tank for various reasons. All of them grow way way bigger than is suitable for your tank and there will be problems with aggression. I know you've said you will get a bigger tank but as you've already seen, the fish you have will NEVER live together peacefully

Your tank is also very over stocked. Please don't buy any more fish as it will inevitably result in ammonia poisoning and deaths.

My advice is to return the fish you have and to do plenty of research on the internet about the fish you want to keep BEFORE you buy any more.

Finally if your local fish store has advised you to buy these fish, they are giving very bad advice. Much better advice can be found here

Christople 06-17-2011 02:21 PM

giant gourami can get as long as the width of your tank and plecos even longer balas even longer and need to be in a group. I woud do as suggested and return all the fish.

abhisek1989 06-18-2011 03:13 AM

in our Kolkata there is a haat whcih occur once in a week and i cannot return any fish to anyone because no one will take it and about the plecos i have found a home so the 5inch will be given to then person and i will left with.
1. 2pc gaint gouraumi, ( appox 3 inch)
2. 1pc albino shark, (1.5 inch)
3. 1pc BGk, (3inch)
4. 1pc angel (2inch)
5. 1pc Common Pleco (4 inch)

so let me know what can i add with them because the tank is looking very empty and the gaint gouraumi and shark are in white color so they are not visible from a distance and only the pleco cn be seen and BGK stay under the filter. help me to look it better.............

Byron 06-18-2011 11:34 AM

You must find much larger tanks for these fish. I'm sorry i can't offer more help, the fact is the tank is way too small for any of them.

ladayen 06-22-2011 11:25 AM

Your fish will continue to kill each other. You cannot have any of those fish in a 10g tank. Find someone to take your fish. All of them. Do not keep any of them. If you keep simply putting fish in the tank they will be unhappy, sick and then die.

If you want your tank to look better it will take alot of patience and work. I would suggest if you want a pretty tank you read lots, and lots and lots and lots.. then read some more.

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