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Promelas 06-16-2011 08:46 PM

Moving 4.5 hours away
So I have to move about 300 miles shortly, and I need to break down my planted 29g tank. I've moved it before, but only across town so it was much simpler. I'm hoping to move my drift wood into a rubbermaid tub with some of the tank water to keep it wet, and I'm planning on bringing about half the water along. I'm going to keep a tiny amount of water in the tank, and place it on some wood so I can carry it, and keep all the plants wet for the trip.

My question is what to do with all the fish. Should I put them in a rubbermaid with 5 or so gallons as well, or would I need to separate them into smaller bags? I have an aerator to use during the move if I can keep them all together. I mostly have tetras, with some cories and a kribensis.

Do any of you have some suggestions to give them the best chance of making the trip safely?


AbbeysDad 06-16-2011 09:25 PM

Just my $.02
Don't take 1/2 the water - you don't need it.
Don't worry about the driftwood, but keep your gravel, filter media and plants good and wet.
I dunno how many fish you have, but with an aerator, 3~ gallons or so should be plenty (fish are shipped great distances in that amount of water or less, without aeration).
Completely empty the tank to move - you don't need to risk moving it with stuff inside of it.
Setup your tank as soon as possible after you arrive with treated water of the right temperature. Ensure that your heater is cycling. Properly acclimate the fish to the new water.

Best wishes on the move!

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