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binaryjripper 08-01-2007 10:15 PM

Cycling technique question
I'm starting a 20gallon tank with a super little eal and a birch.

In my ten gallon tank I used the product Cycle but I want to cycle my 20 gallon tank with one of the methods on the forum.

So if I use my filter from ten gallon tank with a medium sized prawn. How long would it take for it to cycle?

Once the tank is cycled I would never have to use the product cycle again right?

As for my ten gallon tank should I just stop using cycle in that tank?

I have plants and frys have been born it. I would just assume it is cycled because I've had it for 3 months now.

leifthebunny 08-02-2007 10:00 AM

Taking your filter over is an "instant cycle", though it's not going to be a high threshold of bacteria. You will need to let it sit for a while to build up to full levels if you want to stock the 20g all the way.

As for using a cycle starter, you will still want to use this any time you add new fish.

If your 10g filter is going over to the 20g tank, you will need to restart the cycling process as your main home for the bacteria is moving.

fish_4_all 08-02-2007 02:35 PM

ok, what type of filter are we talking about? Some filters could handle an entire biolaod of a new tank where some have very little if any bacteria in them. Also, regardless of what type of filter, it will only handle the bioload you have in the 10 gallon, not the capacity of a 20 gallon.

As for cycle starters. I have never used them and have never had a mini cycle when adding fish slowly. That and cycle work and I prefer to add fish slowly instead of adding a lot of them and having an additive fail and wind up with a tank full of dead fish.

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