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emkbass 06-12-2011 04:39 PM

Need to sterilize rocks/substrate/equipment
Well, I guess I knew better but I set up a new tank (58 gallon) for my Africans and I moved them into it a little too quick. Lost 'em all!
I moved the curshed coral from my 29 gallon after lightly rinsing it as well as some new crushed coral into my 58 gallon. also moved all the lace rock from the 29 gallon (no rinsing). I used all new de-chlorinated water also.
I waited a week and moved the fish. with in a week I lost all the fish. I am starting over but I want to use the same crushed coral and lace rock.

I have drained the tank and now I want to know the best way to clean the crushed coral and the lace rock before I put it into the new tank.
Boil it? Bleach it? Set it out in the Sun for a week? I have heard all kinds of ideas. What is the safest and best way to clean it?

By the way, The fish all got ich and thus I medicated the tank pretty heavily in order to try and save them. That's one of the reasons I want to clean everything.


DKRST 06-15-2011 08:43 PM

I'm surprised you didn't get any response, but it looks like you have heard most of the options already. While I have bleached gravel before, I don't know if I'd use bleach on crushed coral. It's my understanding that Ich doesn't seem to live on a totally dry surface. I'd recommend putting all the tank stuff out in the sun for multiple days, raking through it periodically.

I'd also say don't add all the fish at once, that's going to cause problems with the tank cycling and impact the water quality. If you rinsed the old coral substrate in tap water (unless it's chlorine-free), the chlorine killed all your substrate bacteria.

What type of filter setup?

Never mind, I saw you posted this elsewhere here and Byron answered you!

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