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lionhead 06-10-2011 10:51 PM

Madagascar Lace Leaf
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I just have 1 question..How big (TALL) are these plants ? I have one an it's doin great, trimmed a leaf from it today, an it was 27 inches long, it grows up the back of a 75 gallon an across the top to the front. I have read 14-16 inches was large. Any info from anybody would be great..some info from me..75 gallon high light, filteration for tank is 2 Magnum 350, plant is under a return spout. 30% water change everyweek, plants are fed 1/2 dose of LEAK ZONE every 2 weeks, an some plants including Lace Leaf get 1/2 root tab every 6 weeks....tank has a DIY CO2, co2 is fed into the tank by a return reactor, can be seen in pix #3 above the sword on the back of the tank..see pixs THANKS...

Byron 06-11-2011 12:55 PM

According to Kasselmann, there are several varieties of this plant regularly available, with three being the most common. From your photos I believe you have either Aponogeton madagascariensis var. major or A. m. var. henkelianus; both have a basically rectangular-shaped cavity, and I would tend to think the "major" is your plant because the leaf fenestration appears to be consistent. That of var. henkelianus is irregular due to the transversal veins.

The leaf blade will attain 60cm (24 inches) in length and 1.5 to 16 cm in width, with some of the "giant" forms up to 100 cm (over 3 feet) in length and 18 cm width.

The afore-mentioned varieties were once thought to be distinct species, but van Bruggen's extensive work with this species determined these are varieties of the same species.


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