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BlueJenson 06-10-2011 04:36 PM

Im having a tank disaster
i recently brought in some Rummy nose tetra to my 6ft community tank, had to replace a broken filter and thermostat heater. the tank has been established for 6 years
My fish have comedown with whitespot which has been treated twice (3 days apart) with formaldahyde and malachite green solution, we then noticed a glass catfish had fin rot and died, we treated with Tri sulphar.

There have been multiple rummy nose deathes, my Clown loaches look lethargic and my two big silver sharks have gone blind / have red gills and look like they want to bleed/ have peeling skin and are totally covered in whitespot!

what am i doing wrong? the water is being changed 50% tomorrow after the tri sulphar has been in for 3 days, have i over medicated the fish ?
i am at a complete loss and think i am about to lose my beloved sharks :(:cry:
Water quality has been checked:-

PH 6.5
amonia /nitrites etc all normal , my water is a little hard.

Beaches 06-11-2011 01:01 AM

Just my thoughts on this, but it sounds like you could have overdosed with the meds., with clown loaches and other sensitive fish such as tetras (Rummies can be very sensitive), it is advised to halve the dosage. Did you remove the formaldhyde & malachite green from the water before adding the tri suplhate? I'm not sure if tri sulphate can be combined with the other 2 meds., hopefully other members will know.

I would suggest stopping the meds. and do the water change asap and remove any residue with activated carbon. All those fish can be sensitive to meds. I believe, it might be better to go with something like "Rid-Ich", but I would see if they recover a little first as in the red gills/blindness/peeling skin, before adding more meds. What temperature do you have the tank at? Did you increase the circulation/aeration during the treatment?

I hope it works out for you. :-(

Byron 06-11-2011 05:42 PM

Agree, mixing medications can be lethal as some will react with others. And fish are very sensitive as mentioned.

At this stage my suggestion would be to use the "heat only" treatment for ich. Raise the tank temperature to high 80's, even 90F. Loaches and rummys are fine with this for a week. Do a major water change, 60%, now if you haven't already to dilute some of the medications, and another tomorrow. Use a good conditioner, no other chemicals. Make sure the parameters are similar to avoid hardness or pH shock.

You can use the water changes to raise the temp gradually, several degrees each time, adjusting the heater to keep it warmer of course. Maintain 90F for a week or even two weeks. This has been known to eradicate ich.


brownmane 06-11-2011 07:50 PM

Sorry, I don't have enough experience to help you out.
Just sending you "best of luck" and hope things turn out ok.

BlueJenson 06-12-2011 11:59 PM

Thank you for your feedback and advice fellow fish keepers, alas i am so sad to say that 98% of my fish have passed in a rapid amount of time. I have followed the advice and completed the tasks at hand, i now pray my two sailfin Pleco's survive.......i will keep you posted :( *crosses fingers*

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