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DKRST 06-08-2011 10:35 PM

Plecos - How long can zucchini stay in a tank?
How long is it safe to leave a small piece of zucchini in a tank when feeding plecostomus? Does it have to be replaced every day? Every 3 days? I just acquired some really nice long fin bristlenose plecos and have no idea regarding the "tank time limit" for leaving fresh veggies in the tank.

jeaninel 06-08-2011 10:56 PM

I would take it out after 24 hours. Mine are usually all eaten within a couple hours but I have some large piggies that devour it. lol

I usually feed zucchini a couple times a week.

DKRST 06-08-2011 11:00 PM

Thanks for the quick response!

ginagv 06-08-2011 11:08 PM

I usually leave it in for 24 hours.. and give him a slice every other day.. Seems to be a happy pleco :-)

I also give him cucumber sometimes just to change it up for him. Might try some of that yellow summer squash too, but I haven't tried any yet.

Ive heard of others giving their pleco mango or melon.. but I dunno.. seems to me that something with natural sugars like that would foul the water quickly... but keep in mind I have no scientific reason to think that.. just a feeling.


cichlidlover 08-12-2011 09:02 AM

I've done zucchini, cucumber, yellow squash, and large leaf lettuce.. Plecos, snails, corys, even my flying fox loves it!

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