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j2crzy 07-31-2007 01:46 AM

CO2 how to connect?
Hey, I just recently bought a new fish tank and a couple of equipment with it. I have a mini-reef system, chiller, calcium reactor and a REDSEA CO2 regulator, a JBL SOLENOID VALVE and CO2 cylinder.

My CO2 system is JBL PROFLORA CO2.
The manual has very poor instructions. I've already connected the regulator the cylinder but I don't understand how to connect the SOLENOID VALVE to the REGULATOR.:

Installation in the connecting hose (4/6mm)
The hose screw fittings of the solenoid valve allow the valve to be fitted directly to a hose with a diameter of 4/6mm A suitable special connecting piece should be used for larger diameter hose.
- Cut the connecting hose close to the pressure reducer.
- Attach the cut hose ends to the hose screw fittings (2a und 2b) of the solenoid valve. Note the direction of flow (arrow on the valve case).
[i] 2a and 2b referred to a diagram showing what part of the solenoid valve, and UND was not a spelling error i made, it was what was said in the booklet. I dont know if it means and or under?
- Connect the electrical connection (plug in power supply unit) with the timer switch (not supplied) or JBL proflora ph control.

Im confused, there are too many different names for the same thing, so what is the pressure reducer?
Cut the connecting hose CLOSE to the pressure reducer. what does it mean by this?
Attach the hose ends to 2a and 2b, but 2a and 2b are part of the same object, it doesnt connect it to another part of the CO2 system.

Any help will be appreciated.


Lupin 08-01-2007 08:18 PM

Welcome to

Any pictures, Jason?:)

j2crzy 08-05-2007 01:13 AM

I don't have any pictures at the moment, but this is the solenoid valve that looks like mine. This is a Red-Sea one, but mine is a JBL one.
Here is another picture:

I found another picture of the regulator connecting to a solenoid valve,
The pieces connect with a special connector, but I don't have it. The instructions say to use a tube, but if i use a tube, the unit wont sit up straight.

caferacermike 08-05-2007 12:13 PM

You will need to use RO tubing, you can find it for about $7/50' at HDepot for your connection and you will need to figure out a place in your cabinet to mount your solenoid valve. Your only other option would be to go to your local welding supply (PraxAir is a good place to start), take your pieces and ask them to help you plumb them like the picture you want. I happen to have the Milwaukee unit you have in your second set of pics. It is very nice, I really like the bubble counter. If you were especially handy and have good luck you might find the brass pieces at a plumbing supply, they will most likely be 1/4"NPT threads and in reality if you remove the John Guest type fittings that were supplied you might find that a 3" long piece of 1/4" MMNPT pipe might connect both of them.

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