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QuikDrawMcRaw 06-08-2011 06:46 AM

Tankmate Suggestions for 18-30 Swingers Community.
Hello everyone,first thread from me! I have a few questions.
I've set up a 160l 1m front (3 months now although I used water and substrate from a 2 year old set up) which is home to 2 male and 5 female Cape Lopez Lyretail Killies (aphyosemion australe), a pair of Peacock Gudgeon (taturndina ocellacauda).

Also a Knight Goby, who's going to get moved soon (can't trust it) along with an Ancistrus ( too much poo ). Also going to move 3 Mountain Shrimp out of there, as I understand the killies and gudgeon appreciate minimal flow.
The water is slightly hard, temperature 25-26 degrees,plenty of caves,hiding places and plants, including java moss. The flow won't be too strong. Dark sand substate.

I'd like to know if 3 pairs of peacock gobies should be ok, or is that too much goboid testosterone for one tank?

I am also thinking about getting some dwarf chain loach, sidthimunki to go in there, as I've read they are a great little fish. And had great experience with Zebra Loaches before. I understand I should get 6 or 7, but have some reservations about their boisterousness (?real word?) would they be suitable, or just turn my lil guys into nervous wrecks? There will eventually be cherry and amano etc small shrimp species in there, aswell, will sidthimunki pose a problem?

Or even some sort of shoaling tetra etc species, although the water parameters kind of limit that idea?

Does anyone have any suggestions what would be suitable, and secondly look great? I've toyed with Honey Gourami, Threadfin Rainbows and Rummynose Tetras. I'd like a something in view most of the time.
Thanks, any input is much appreciated

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