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Phillip J 06-07-2011 11:17 PM

Half beak care?
Are half beaks actuly freshwater fish or are they brackish?
Are they compatible with other live bearers like platys/swordtails in larger set-ups or, do they need a species tank?

Byron 06-10-2011 03:07 PM

There are a few species of halfbeak, the most common is probably Dermogenys pusilla which is fine in freshwater provided it is hard and somewhat alkaline. It can also be maintained in semi-brackish, but this will restrict other fish and some plants. And this fish should be in a well-planted tank, particularly floating plants. It is a good jumper, and very skittish, so plants calm it.

I've not kept this fish myself, but I understand it is fine with other fish that are peaceful and can manage in the same water (whichever you provide). In hard freshwater, livebearers work. In brackish, mollies would be best. Halfbeaks are perhaps best in a group, and this means a 20g or larger. Males will "wrestle" but rarely cause damage, and a group allows the fish to be more itself and not as panicky.


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