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palermopenano 07-30-2007 09:58 PM

Cichlid compatible with my current fish?

The fishes I have are listed on my signature. Will they be ok in the long run?


Lupin 07-30-2007 10:18 PM

Welcome to

I have not kept blue acaras so I won't comment on them. Your stocklist is okay but I would add more cories if I were you.

On the side note, please use the tank blurb by clicking Aquarium Log on the menu bar so the signature won't be too long.:) Eight lines is the limit for sigs.

Good luck.:)

herefishy 07-30-2007 10:43 PM

Acaras can be a little testy.

palermopenano 07-30-2007 11:04 PM

but do you guys think they'll be ok together in the long run?

herefishy 07-30-2007 11:10 PM


palermopenano 07-30-2007 11:13 PM

may i ask why not?

Lupin 07-30-2007 11:15 PM


Originally Posted by palermopenano
may i ask why not?


Herefishy described the acaras as being testy so you cannot predict how well they will behave. SAEs, cories and gouramis however are fine in your tank.:)

Gump 07-30-2007 11:33 PM

I would never put a cory with any cichlid other than small mouth cichlids like rams, discus and angles.

herefishy 07-30-2007 11:36 PM

Why not Gump? The spines on a cory would prevent him from being a meal.

palermopenano 07-31-2007 09:33 AM

interesting...they seem to be doing fine so far. The acara doesnt seem to mind the little cory's except when they get too close then he'll just swiftly chase them away then leave em alone again. The cichlid doesnt seem to bug the other fishes unless they get within half an inch of him. I'll observe and see how they do in the next few weeks

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