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yodapoolman 06-04-2011 11:09 PM

I've seen it recommended on these forums to put lettuce in the tank. Let the snails accumulate on the lettuce then remove from tank and throw away.

yodapoolman 06-04-2011 11:12 PM

Weird that it put my reply above your post...

lunawatsername 06-05-2011 04:45 AM

snail explosion(potato?) and an odd
so i bought plants for my 20g a couple weeks ago, and since then i literally have HUNDREDS of snails. at first i thought they were cute, but i literally look over at my tank and their are at least 30 on the front of the tank, all the time. so i wanted to know if teir was a good way for me to get rid of them. just so you know, i am currently cycling the tank in question, and unfortunately i am doing it with fish food (i know, ive learned my lesson trust me. the mess is unbelievable...) so cutting down on the food really isnt an option for me. also, because i am cycling i would rather not use copper to get rid of them, because ive heard it remains for a long time and will mess with your readings on the tank, id rather not do that if possible. their are no assassin snails available to me (unless i bought them offline, but honestly i dont want any snails at all anymore, so paying for snails plus shipping seems kind of nonsensical) and i know tat some people use loaches and puffers to eat them, but that seems kind of wrong to me. i dont want to actually keep loaches or puffers, so i would basically get hem to give them back. and even if i wanted them i couldnt keep them, because the 20g is going to be a betta sorority, and im pretty sure none of these species would mix very well.

sorry for the documentary, but im really at a loos for what to do about these snails, because all the options ive found arnt all that desirable to me... i have heard about one, but i honestly cant remember where i heard it (i think it was on here, but even that isnt a positive) someone said that putting a potato in your tank will kill all your snails within a couple days. it sounds unbelievable to me, but i honestly am considering trying it, because im at my wits end with these snails. let me know if you can think of another way to get rid of all the snails, and if youve ever heard of potato-ing a snail to death.:roll:

also, i just noticed, as i was cursing the many snails in my tank, that their is a small (i mean TINY) pure white fish in my tank. i have no idea what it is and there is no way to take a picture of the little thing, it moves too fast and is too small. when i first saw it i assumed it was just a hyper piece of snail poo. but i got a good (but very brief) look at it, and im sure its a fish of some sort. i guess it rode in on the plant too? does anyone have any idea what it could be? i know i dont have alot of helpful detail, but can you think of any small fish that are commonly transferred in plants, and could survive the trip, them pop up in all its microscopic glory 2 weeks later? anything would be appreciated.

im starting to think that plants are more trouble than their worth :|

Romad 06-05-2011 07:21 AM

Try the lettuce in a veggie clip overnight and check it first thing in the morning before the tank lights go on. Or you might want to consider getting an asassin snail if you can find one in your area.

I think loaches are too small for a 20 gal. tank so I wouldn't recommend them.

Good luck.

lunawatsername 06-05-2011 03:46 PM

yeah i have heard of the lettuce thing, i will do that if i can find no alternative, but i would rather try to find a way that actually gets rid of them. if their even is one. :roll: im almost positive that i have ramshorn snails (im no expert on snail shell patterns, but from how their described it seems to fit) and ive heard that their one of the worst from infestations. im actually seriously considering putting a potato in my tank at this point -__- i just want them gone.yeah i dont have any assassin snails availible to me, or i would have tried that. and like i said, i definitely wouldnt get a fish just to eat snails, not worth it to me.oh well, i guess ill give the potato a try :lol:

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