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BarbH 06-05-2011 12:52 AM

Think might have ich
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I think that one of my angels might have what might be ich on his dorsal fin, and also a couple of spots on the anal fin. The spots a white in color and almost look like little air bubbles. I have not seen any other symptoms on any of the other fish in the aquarium, and I just noticed it on him this evening. I recently had issues with a nitrite spike along with elevated ammonia reading, and nitrates were high, which I am thinking that the stress of this might have brought this on. The numbers that I got this morning when I tested my parameters were as follows ammonia 3 nitrite 1.6 nitrates 40 and ph is at 7.5

I have seen that there are several options for treating the aquarium for ich and wanted to know what people would suggest, the stock in my tank is as follows: angel fish, platys, black widow tetras, corys, and rubber lipped pleco. The temp of my aquarium is set for 80 although because of the heat it is at about 82. What would be the most effective way of treating this? Should I try using heat and salt, or should I go the route with using a ich treatment, and if so what would you suggest? I am attaching a couple of photos of the fish in question, sorry about the quality had to shot with flash off using the aquarium lights and the dim lighting in the room, so the focus is not that great but should be able to see what I am talking about. Thanks

Beaches 06-05-2011 01:49 AM

It could be Ich, bit hard to tell from the pic. it doesn't look like it in the first pic. his fins look quite ragged to me so he could have fin rot.

What size tank is it and how many fish are in the tank. Your water parameters are a concern. Are you cycling the tank? I would do frequent partial water changes to keep the ammonia (in particular) down to .25. What dechlorinator are you using?

Aquarium Salt can help with fin rot too, if all the inhabitants in the tank can tolerate salt...might be a problem for the cories. Melafix can help with fin rot (if that is what is wrong). I would concentrate on getting the water quality under controll, this will definitely aid in recovery. You could also feed anti-bacterial fish food or food soaked in garlic extract to boost his immune system.

BarbH 06-05-2011 03:14 AM

tank is 50 gallon, checked parameters again, ammonia 0, nitrite still at 1.6 and nitrates at 40. Did a 60% water change. The larger angel sometimes goes after him. Have some fake plants in tank right now while waiting for live plants to come in. Hopefully will help with some of the agression issues. For the garlic extract can I use the liquid from jars of minced garlic that I have, lable says has garlic, water and citric acid? Will keep an eye on the spots on his dorsal and anal fin. It really almost looks like they are little air bubbles on the fins, and none of the others are showing anything on them.

Beaches 06-06-2011 03:36 AM

Sorry for the late reply! Good that the ammonia is back to 0, just keep up with the partial water changes to keep the water quality of high as possible. Do you know what caused the all the spikes you mentioned in your first post. If you think he is being harassed too much, it might be a good idea to quarantine him (if you have a QT) so that he can rest/recover.

I have used the minced garlic juice, now I just buy New Life Spectrum fish flakes with garlic added.

Just from your pics., as I mentioned previously it doesn't look like Ich, but more to do with the fin damage. Ich looks like tiny grains of salt and uniform/round in shape. Is your Angel flashing/flicking at all? That is a tell-tale sign/symptom of Ich. This article on Ich may help if you haven't seen it already...

BarbH 06-06-2011 11:53 AM

No flashing or flicking. Someone else mentioned to me that it could be possible slime coat, from the ammonia being at high levels. He is still eating, although today have noticed him hiding in the corner behind rock formation. He does come out when food it put in. Also have seen him a couple of times do a bit of a shimmy, not sure if should be concerned about this or not. Levels are looking better ammonia is at 0 nitrites at 0.3 and nitrates at 10. Will try soaking some of the food in garlic juice and see if that helps things out. Thanks for your help.

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