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TK421NotAtPost 06-03-2011 02:28 PM

Lots of plants and lots of fish
2.5 gallon
7 watt CF light
Densely planted with java fern, water wisteria, dwarf sword, and another plant whose name I forgot.
13-15 small guppies
Whisper hob power filter

I obviously have a huge bio-load in my 2.5 gallon aquarium. So far I havenít had any problems as the guppies were introduced to the tank as fry. However, they are now growing and will become full sized guppies soon. To make things worse, my girlfriend is quitting her job and the two adult parent guppies she keeps at her office will need a new home. She wants to transfer everything to my aquarium which would make for 2 full sized guppies in addition to my 13-15 small guppies.

If I were to do partial water changes twice a week, would I be able to pull this off or will I HAVE to remove some fish in the future? My aquarium is very densely planted so Iím hoping that would help alleviate things a bit. The plants are all thriving and growing, the water is crystal clear and the inhabitants are all active and happy.


SinCrisis 06-03-2011 02:51 PM

guppies move a lot, 2.5g wont hold any guppies. Also with a tank that size and bioload, i would be doing 50% changes daily now, let alone twice a week in the future....

Byron 06-03-2011 06:33 PM

I must agree. The plants are probably saving the guppies, but that will end at some point the more the fish grow--if they do. Fish developing in too small a space can be stunted internally, causing health problems and shorter lifespan. I would immediately consider a larger aquarium, and for 15 guppies a 20g long is minimum size for proper health and development.

Teishokue 06-03-2011 07:30 PM

I would only use a single 20 gal. for the 15 if you are expecting to get a bigger thank. note they are very prolific. I would suggest splitting males and females into 2 tanks. that way you are able to prevent future "unwanted" issues. and when you're ready you can mix the females/males when you can afford a larger tank.

TK421NotAtPost 06-04-2011 10:22 AM

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

I guess I didn't realize that the dozen+ little guppies in my aquarium are still practically fry. I took a look at the adult pair that are supposed to be transferred to my aquarium and they are humongous! Keeping them in my 2.5 would be tantamount to animal cruelty. There is no way in hell I can keep all of my fish in that tiny little tank.

SinCrisis 06-04-2011 04:59 PM

Breeder tanks for small amount of guppies are usually around 10g, then they are either sold or moved to larger tanks. Guppies are pretty active fish so they need space to swim around.

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