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Jazander 05-31-2011 10:48 PM

Im new and have multiple questions...

I am really new to this fish keeping thing. I didnt realize when i started that it was so involved, but I enjoy it anyway. So I have had my mollies living in my 10 gallon tank for a week now. I cycled it with live plants and a "cycle" bacterial growth starter thing for 2 days before I added my mollies. So far my mollies are doing well. My tank testing results are all good. Yay! But i have a few questions...

1. I have balloon mollies. One male and two females. One of the females had a fungus on it when i brought it home but I treated her and that has since gone. But my mollies have been fighting. Not just nipping. One female and a male were duking it out pretty hard for awhile. I got all stressed out but couldn't do anything about it. What am I doing wrong? I thought mollies were friendly with eachother. Should I add more? My plants are new and pretty small, do they need bigger plants? There is alot of open space in my tank.

2. I have two betta bowls. One is housing a very happy looking male and the other a healthy female. BUT this means I now have 3 fish tanks. I would seriously like to down size. Can i put the female betta or the male betta in with the mollies? I know not to put them both in. IF i put a betta in my 10 gallon can I still add a swordtail or a few guppies?

3. (Yes, theres more) Also how often and how much water should I be changing? Also how often should I vaccuum the gravel?

Thats all folk. Your help is soooooo appreciated.

Christople 05-31-2011 11:04 PM

vacuum the gravel and do the water change once a week, add one or two more females to the mollies, and I am not sure about the bettas but I wouldn't risk it. I hope I answered all of your questions

Jazander 05-31-2011 11:14 PM

Also how many more fish can I have in my tank?i would really like some guppies and a shrimp! Also a swordtail and a snail.... Is this too much?

redchigh 06-01-2011 09:46 AM

In a ten gallon, I would add some more female mollies to ease aggression from the male.

After that, you can test the water.. The female better might be alright in the tank. It depends on the 'personality' of the fish. I've seen male bettas in community tanks, but it's really a longshot and I wouldn't even try. (I just moved my male betta to a 5 gallon tank of his own, and he's really active. It's like he's a whole different fish.)

Swordtails like to have space.. I doubt they would be happy in a 10G. I would just add a variety of mollies of different colors.

Beyond that, I see no problem with a mystery snail, nerite snail, or some other nice one.
Shrimp will not survive with a Betta- it's their favorite food.

I would vacuum the gravel wherever you don't have plants. I never vacuum my gravel anymore, but I have plants everywhere. Just do a 30% a week or so, and that will be plenty.

AbbeysDad 06-01-2011 01:29 PM

Be watchful for a ammonia spike because even with a bacteria suppliment, you have a ways to go before the tank is truly cycled.

You can try adding another female molly or two.

I would not add Betas to that tank.

Your tank can support a few more fish, but it's difficult for me to say how many - much has to do with size when grown, filtration and tank maintenance.

You should change approximately 25% (1/4 to 1/3) weekly. I always gravel siphon weekly to keep things clean, but I have plastic plants. You wouldn't do that with real plants as the debris is good fertilizer for living plants (organic underwater gardening).
About once a month, during the WWC, the (plastic) plants and the rocks go through the dishwasher with vinegar.


Byron 06-01-2011 01:53 PM

Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum.

I basically agree with what's been posted by others. Your tank will not support more fish except for another female molly or two. Snails are fine.

Substrate should be left alone in a planted tank, a lot of nutrients for plant growth will be lost by vacuuming any of it and you might as well take advantage of the natural organics/nutrients rather than buying more stuff to replace them. Just don't overfeed, once a day is plenty, and even then miss a day or two (like the water change day). I would change 30-40% weekly.


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