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Phillip J 05-31-2011 07:55 PM

sajica cichlid tank mates?
So ive been reserching possible SA cichlids for my 55 gallon and, I found the sajica cichlid.I did't find very good info on what tank mates were ok for them.One of my fish books said swordtails but,Im not a livebearer fan of them.Ide realy rather have another SA ciclid in with them but, I have no idea what will work. :-(

bettababy 06-02-2011 01:18 AM

How much you can mix in there and what species will depend on how many of the sajicas you are planning to put in there? Keeping in mind you are expecting each of the sajicas to get to 5 - 6 inches, that's not going to leave a lot of space in a 55 gallon for others... maybe a firemouth or 2 if you're good on keeping up with water changes.

My personal experience with sajicas is that once they get beyond the 3 - 4 inch mark, swordtails and other smaller peaceful fish often end up lunch pretty quickly... the smaller the tank the faster it happens. While sajicas aren't as aggressive as convicts, they are still cichlids and "peaceful" doesn't mean the same thing for them as it does swortdails, mollys, tetras, etc.

IF this tank is heavily decorated and kept an eye on, and if the sajicas are small to start with, you could probably work a few congo tetras into the tank with 2 sajicas and not have problems... but be sure the congos have plenty of decor in the mid and upper ranges of the tank to define territory and provide safety.

Other options, and again, only if the tank is heavily decorated... kribensis, standard gouramis (gold, blue, etc) provided the gouramis start out bigger than the sajicas (juvie cichlids and adult gouramis), kissing gourami, any of the smaller poypterus species, sleeper gobys, (jade sleeper goby would be a great mix with sajicas), and even some of the larger rainbow fishes can work together with the sajicas... if the environment allows for all their needs.

The trick is going to be not to overstock the tank and provide adequate decor so everyone has their own territory.
Hope this helps.

Phillip J 06-07-2011 04:54 PM

Thank you! looks like Im gonna have to look into a diffrent ciclid.

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