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excal88 05-30-2011 07:43 PM

neon tetra missing a gill cover
Hey guys, bought some neon tetra at petco *they were having a 5 for 5 sale* and I didn't do a good enough job of looking them over. One of them has the gill cover missing on one side, so you can see the red gill underneath. Should I return the fish? Thanks. The fish is doing fine, not stressed and colors vibrant. Just worried about secondary infections and what not, and if the gill cover might grow back some.

Beaches 06-01-2011 07:54 PM

Yeah! I try to pick the ones that look the healthiest, but sometimes it is hard to get the ones you asked for when they are all swimming in a frenzy trying to escape the net and you don't realise until you get them home. The LFS shouldn't really sell them in that condition and I would take him back if it isn't too late.

I have had a few different tetra species that had a missing gill flap, it never seemed to bother them and they lived normal lives. I didn't do anything special for them, just need to maintain high water quality to avoid the risk of infection and keep an eye on them.

As to it growing back, I think it depends on whether it was due to a deformity or injury and if there is still some gill flap left. The flap never grew back on my fish.

excal88 06-02-2011 03:25 AM

Well, he seems to be doing fine for now...I'll just see how things go. Hopefully he'll be fine. I did dose the tank with some melafix and pimafix to help with any infections if they should happen, so we'll see.

excal88 06-02-2011 03:49 AM

Ok, I'm probably going to bring him back to the store; he has some light red/pink patches on his tail, so thats no good. Also, another tetra has a white dot on its mouth. Is that ick or something else?

Beaches 06-02-2011 08:11 PM

Could be Ich or the start of a fungus (hard to tell), the timing seems about right for Ich to appear if they were introduced a few days ago. I've always noticed that Ich started on the fins (but that isn't to say it can't start somewhere else on the body). Does it look like a tiny grain of salt?

The red/pink patches could be septicemia (does it look like the veins are showing?), due to water quality. I understand why you added melafix/pimafix, but you may have been a tad overzealous in adding both, just the Melafix would probably have been enough. I don't like to use any meds. unless an actual problem arises, just keeping the parameters stable and water quality high is usually the best way to go in avoiding illness. The addition of the meds. and being in a new tank/water could have caused too much stress, allowing Ich to manifest itself.

What are your water parameters/ temperature? I have successfully treated Ich with just heat and also with the heat/aquarium salt combo.

excal88 06-02-2011 10:58 PM

Well, he didn't make it. White patches were starting to show up on his body, replacing the color, so it could have been either false neon tetra or true neon tetra disease. I euthanized him before he could spread the infection via dieing and getting eaten. Ugh. Close call I suppose. He started swimming in spirals and floating on one side, and I moved him to a quarantine tank, but he started to slow down on the swimming and starting doing spirals more often. Thanks to all that posted!

Beaches 06-02-2011 11:40 PM

Sorry to hear that. :-(

excal88 06-03-2011 01:42 AM

Yea, but in the end I believe he is in a better place now. No more suffering or pain. Thanks for the replies!

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