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Twilight Storm 05-28-2011 11:28 PM

Looking Into Paradise fish
I was thinking of getting a pair of paradise fish or possibly three. (1 male+ 2 females - if that is the better choice.)

I have read the fish profile on them here in this forum, as well as every thread and post under Paradise fish/ Paradise Gourami in the Anabantid forum. I have looked up information online about them and have come up with some very BAD info. (They can be kept in a 2.5 gal aquarium like a betta...yikes! -yes I KNOW that's wrong.)

The other information I have found is pretty much next to nothing, or else it's just about the same content and length as the fish profile here. I have some questions that a website dealing with them specifically might answer, or maybe not.

1.) I was drawn to the wild-type coloring of them which is the blue body with red fins. Are these hard to find? I see a lot of albino, and dyed paradise for sale. And have seen a few labeled blacks.

2.) Do they "grow into" their fins? I have seen some pretty hideous finnage on a lot of pictures of them on Google. From what I understand the tail shape is kind of C shaped, and many pictures show... well... NOT that.

3.) Do people show them? Or any gourami for that matter? I am from Betta land down yonder and newer to fish so please excuse some odd questions. (I kind of assume people show fish of every type, but am not sure.)

4.) I was given a 20 gallon tall aquarium. I know one Paradise would do fine in a 10 gallon, and they can be bred in a 10 gallon. Would a group of 3 (1 male+2females) live together happily in a well planted 20 gal. tall? Or would I need to keep it at 2 fish?

5.) Also I would really like to grow Bolbitis Heudelotii fern. Would this plant be ok with Paradise fish if I can manage to find some of it for sale? Or would it eat it? Would anyone have any plants more recommended? (I really LOVE how that fern looks though.) I just started with live plants and have managed to keep a Windelov java fern alive, and some unidentified floating moss, as well as two moss balls. I haven't particularly done anything to the moss balls except keep them in dechlorinated water in a bowl that I change every week and poke them every once in a while. The evil things are also shooting off babies...

6.) Lastly, for now at least, if anyone can please give me any links to any good information on Paradise fish/gourami. Either PM me, or answer here. (technical or non-technical -It doesn't matter I like reading studies and information of all types. Part of the fun of having animals is the research on them. It's very hard for me to find anything on this fish though.)

Thank you in advance to anyone who can answer any of my questions.

Best Wishes

Andarial 05-28-2011 11:58 PM

Hi, I don't know much about them but I will try to provide some sites whose information I think is useful ^^ I will hopefully be helpful.

Seriously Fish



That's all for now, if I find any more I will definitely come back and post them ^^

Twilight Storm 05-29-2011 05:15 PM

Thank you Andarial! It's more info then I had. :) Now I just hope someone can answer the other questions! :D

Again tyvm, and Best Wishes!

Oh Edit to add: (to anyone)

In original post, I asked weather they "grow into their fins" The way I meant that was to ask if no matter what the breeding is on one, will they ALL have the same beautiful C shaped tail? Or can I possibly end up with sub-par caudal fins.

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